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"Camp Kids"

This picture was taken in the Gaza Refugee Camp near Jerash that was established 1967 for about 11.500 refugees. In the meantime about 24.000 People (3rd generation) live under inhumane conditions in the Camp. People sleep sometimes on towels on the floor (this winter was - 8 celsius).
The roofs let water come in and the walls are often breaking down, so there is not protection from the weather. The normal water flows into street sewers that are in the middle of the walkways in the camp. Thankfully the toilets are septic tanks. Amazingly the whole camp shows a cleanliness many parts of Jordan misses.

It seems that the people care very much about the last the have been given to keep their sanity and dignity. If you ever travel Jordan you will see many places full of rubbish, trash and dirt in a way a western mind won't understand - but not in the camps.
While the people in the camp are not allowed to work in normal labor, have no medical attention and often starve they are also not welcome to return to their homeland where many of them still own land in their home country.

On the other hand it seems that many free people in Jordan do not realize what gift they experience in their personal freedom to choose - where to go, what to do, how to proceed in life and especially how to treat the soil that nourishes them.

If this little information can make a difference in only one persons mind to change it was worth working on it.

I need to thank for the privilege to visit the camp and tell you how impressed I was with how much love and hospitality we where invited to stay and talk to some families.

In any way we where asked to mention no names of any adult to protect them from harassment and show only pictures with no adult faces, beside the pictures with the kids which we where allowed to show.

There is many more to tell about the situation in Jordan's camps and at one point you will find some more on my pages.

Bless you

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