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Ruben Alvarez

Free Mitglied

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  • Ruben Alvarez 18. März 2013, 22:54

    Thomas, thanks for your kind welcome. Actually snow is not so strange in Asturias in winter. Pajares pass is 1200 meters above the sea level. There is a ski resort not far away from this site and this winter is plenty of snow. Pajares pass always was difficult in winter for the trains traffic. It was commissioned in 1884 with 70 tunnels and for the moment is the only way to reach Madrid by train from Asturias. The diesel engines showing up on Paul Bickel's picture is known they have problems to run upwards at Pajares pass.

    Paul, as per your pictures I am sure you know very well this place and some others in Asturias for trainspotting. If you ever come over let me know.

    Weltensammler, it seams you find this picture exotic, as much I find your pictures as well, specially those taken by you in China, Eritrea or Bosnia. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bickel Paul 18. März 2013, 14:11

    Maravillosa foto con el tren de mercancias en la nieve.
    Breitspur RENFE zur Puerto de Pajares (Pass). 09
    Breitspur RENFE zur Puerto de Pajares (Pass). 09
    Bickel Paul

    Saludos Paul
  • Thomas Reitzel 18. März 2013, 9:54

    Welcome back, Ruben!
    Always wonder about the tight clerance of the overhead wires in Spain!

    Massive engine in the snow, though I think, in northern Spain snow occurs from time to time!

    Best regards,
  • makna 18. März 2013, 8:45

    This winterly image is a rarity for the Spanish railtracks ...
    ... not only because of this rare character it looks very nice !
    BR makna


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