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Pro Mitglied, Tokyo

Between Cherry-trees

Ban' etsu-West Line
in Niigata-pref. Japan
C57 180
JR East
April. 2005

JNR_Class_C57 Steam Locomotive

Kommentare 41

  • Stephan Leichsenring 2 13. Februar 2015, 22:08

    Just great photo with the cherry blossom! Nice if you can play so well together!
    Regards, Stephan
  • Renato T. 21. Juli 2014, 8:49

    Eine wunderbare Aufnahme die Du hier päsentierst!

  • Franz J. Hitz 21. Juni 2014, 20:20

    Absolutely great!!!
    The contrast between the delicate cherry blossoms and the powerfull steem locomotive is outstanding!

    Best regards from Switzerland
  • Hann 64 28. Mai 2014, 22:52

    Eine wunderschöne Aufnahme Perfekt
    Gruss Hannelore
  • J.R. Buddrich Der Möwenbändiger 2. Mai 2014, 6:54

    Great Pic

    rgds J.R
  • JochenK 22. April 2014, 12:34

    What a great shot, great colors in spring in combination
    with that beautiful train.
  • Vera Shulga 20. April 2014, 16:51

    great composition
    magnificent photo!
    regards, Vera
  • E. Ehsani 17. April 2014, 15:11

    Großartig was du hier zeigst, sehr gut von dir gemacht. LG Esmail

  • hexe adriana 11. April 2014, 20:41

    wow, wonderful train with cherry trees! respect!
  • Karl Roth 8. April 2014, 13:20

    Dieser tiefe Blickwinkel ist besonders beeindruckend!
    LG Karl
  • Laufmann-ml194 7. April 2014, 20:01

    almost like an open-topped tunnel to put the cherry blossoms around the train
    fantastic picture of a Japanese spring
    best wishes
    vfg Markus ml194
  • makna 7. April 2014, 18:03

    Japanese cherry blossom - that's so famous ... :-)
    And you've got a truly nice impression with
    the steam train and this spring atmosphere !!!
    Absolutely outstanding !!!
    BR Manfred
  • Roni Kappel 7. April 2014, 16:17


    Great perspective! :-)

    I like the narrower cut, it's more focussed on the actual subject.

  • BurkhardKo 7. April 2014, 12:13

    Eine traumhafte Aufnahme aus einer fantastischen Perspektive. Großes Kino! - Gruß Burkhard
  • uschner 7. April 2014, 10:15

    Tolles Bild aus schöner Perspektive
    LG uschner
  • Sandhöfer 6. April 2014, 20:07

    Great !!!
  • Ralf Fickenscher (2) 6. April 2014, 20:05

    Ein ganz Starkes Bild einfach Traumhaft.

  • Y.Takatsu. 6. April 2014, 17:04

    @Hello,Sabine......thank you for your kind comment !!
    this pink plate.....as a "head mark"of this steam train,
    his nickname "Banetsu-Monogatari" are written on it
    in Japanese.
    A different design is prepared for every each month.
    In April...., along the railway, many cherry blossoms are seen, many passenger will enjoy them.
    The design for April 2005er was the Cherry blossoms on the pink plate..... as your mention !!
    with my best regards, Y.Takatsu.
  • s. sabine krause 6. April 2014, 15:56

    an iron steed huffing and puffing through its pasture ; ) of beauty! what an impressive low point of view! it makes the pitch-black steam engine look even more powerful and imposing! you must have been awaiting her flat on your stomach right next to the trackbed, dangerously close to the passing train – what a thrill! the cherry trees in full bloom – so dainty, cool and pretty looking, that they clash beautifully with the cumbersome machine. don't know what it says on the pink plate… but could it have something to do with the cherry bloom? i seem to recognize some pink blossoms on it… the only splotch of color in an otherwise naturally monochrome world! greetings, sabine.
  • erlo35 6. April 2014, 14:05

    A wonderfull picture of springtime in Japan and railway.
    greatings Erhard
  • Del-Hor 6. April 2014, 12:15

    What a magnificent photo of this powerful machine.
    Beautiful once more and very well taken.
    My best wishes. DH ( Portugal)
  • smokeybaer 6. April 2014, 10:25

    Richtig Schön mit Viel Dampf
    Gruss smokey
  • BR 45 6. April 2014, 10:09

    This is a wonderful Picture of Springtime and Railway
    Best Wishes from Leipzig
  • Bickel Paul 6. April 2014, 7:05

    Grossartig, sehr gute Perspektive.
    Gruss Paul
  • Hellmut Hubmann 5. April 2014, 21:47

    Schöne alte Technik im zauberhaften Frühling.