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Muhammad Shahzad Naseer Qazi

Free Mitglied, Lahore

Beautiful Pakistan

Taken with EOS 300D, 18-55 EF-S Lens on 28th July 2005 during my visit to the northern areas of Pakistan. The mood of the scene was changing very fast. I took several photos with varying combinations of the TV & AV.

This is one of the area adversly affected by the recent Earth Quake of 08 Oct 2005.

Kommentare 9

  • bukipropovednika 20. Oktober 2009, 22:07

    This is a really wonderful Image.
  • kanair 11. März 2009, 21:31

  • Qazi Shahzad 2. Dezember 2005, 19:52

    Nice shot and you have capture the modd of nature.
    Indeed a beautiful pakistan
  • Alin Neamtu 15. Oktober 2005, 23:09

    Excellent landspace, great view and perspective.
  • Thomas Schöfer 25. September 2005, 11:13

    beautiful view to an impressive landscape ! Well done.
    Greetings , Thomas
  • Dennis Maloney 7. September 2005, 1:11

    Thank you for the beautiful picture...It is a welcome relief from all the pictures we see on the, so called news...keep up the beauty...den
  • Dominic Falcone 7. September 2005, 0:52

    I think you have really captured the scale and drama of these mountains.
    great work!!
  • John Bennett 6. September 2005, 21:41

    I think you have made a very good effort, after all nature never repeats itself. Well done.
  • Muhammad Shahzad Naseer Qazi 6. September 2005, 21:28

    Thanks Ruud, for your valueable remarks. Will try to get one on my next trip



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