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World Mitglied, Bangkok

Bai girl preparing tea for us

More than hundred sorts of tea are offered in a tea shop in Dali Old Town.
The girl is preapring a sampling of a Chinese Green tea.
Yunnan tea culture is famous all around country. Dali tea culture is famous too. San Dao Cha is a type of tea popular for Yunnan Bai minority. It is the beverage of Bai people for entertaining guests in weddings and at the same time it is a style of amenity. San Dao Cha is divided into three cups. The fist cup of tea is bitter. The second cup of tea sweet and the third cup is aftertaste tea. Bitter tea is firstly baked in earthenware by slow fire. When the tea leaves become a bit yellow and give off faint scent, people will pour boiled water into the earthenware and then the bitter tea is coming into being. The second tea is sweet as it has been added with walnut kernel, brown sugar and diary product (Ru Shan). The second cup of tea is sweet, fragrant and nourishing. The third tea is the aftertaste of the former tea. This tea is made of honey, Sichuan peppercorn, ginger pieces and Chinese cinnamon.
Tinny flowery cups are the containers of tea. If the host pours you a full cup of tea, it is a sigh of disrespect; on the contrary, a full cup of wine suggests the host like you very much.

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