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Tony AKa fototaker

Free Mitglied, Rota

another Ansbach sunset

i have kept this picture in BIG size so those who like my pixs, but complain of the artifacts (jpg compression) can view it better, and enJoy it!!!

German landscapes is GuT!! ;D

Kommentare 3

  • Jimmy. McCarthy 9. März 2005, 23:06

    Very beautiful image!
    It is pleasing to me. Good work.

  • Tony AKa fototaker 13. Oktober 2004, 11:16

    hallo!! thanks for your comments!!!

    the pix IS very dark... i like keeping it the way i actually see it... well, i mean BIGGER than what i normally post, which is very compressed with visible artifacting, which annoys many people!!!

  • Ulla N. 13. Oktober 2004, 11:14

    BIG?? In fact its very small and very dark.
    I suppose that you got in conflict with the automatic compression feature when uploading your picture, it was either over 1.000 pixels high or wide or over 130 kB in size.
    Regards, Ulla



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