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Free Mitglied, Hannover

... and yes, it hurts!

Look in my eyes and tell me what you said before
just a little encore
and I`m afraid to let you go
I want to follow you and hold your hand, I miss you so
as you`re standing in front of me
I love you and I wonder if you can see
what I`m thinking right now
I`m afraid to loose you and I can`t let you go
but I know it was such a mistake to stay
so I just sit down, look up to heaven and pray
I just wish the best on you
the one who makes you happy and something new
you deserve more than I could ever give you
so there`s just one thing I want you to do
please boy, go away and never look back
I can`t hold you here where everything`s black
just a little encore
and now I tell you everything I`ve said before
don`t be afraid to leave me
I can`t make you happy, I can see
so don`t be so nice and stay
I`ve got just a few words to say
give me just one last kiss and then go without watching back
I still can`t hold you here where everything`s black
just a little encore
I know I`ve said it before
I will never make you smile like this.
The last kiss.

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