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Diego González Sanz

Free Mitglied, Madrid


Took in Liverpool St. Station (London)
Nikon D50; Focal length:28mm; F/22; Exp time: 1sec

Kommentare 1

  • Diego González Sanz 9. Dezember 2006, 10:48

    woaa first comment on this pic! we have to celebrate it!

    Actually this was one of those pics which was a big failure. When i saw this scene it was incredibly awesome it was in Liverpool St. Station in London´s subway which is maybe the main and biggest station in the zone of "The City" which is mostly a bussiness area.
    So most of people dressed in those black suits which make such a contrast with the white floor. And the feeling of watching sooo many people some of them moving in all directions and some others waiting in front of the information screens was spectacular. QUickly i started taking pics to give this effect but barely i had taken few pics when one of those stupid Bobbies police told me i couldn´t take pics. And it annoyed me soo much..
    Then i heard that this station had been on of those were the bombings of 9th July happened.