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Charlotta S.

Free Mitglied, Perth

Alpha's Cry

Alpha's cry.

When the strong is falling apart..

My friend once went to a spiritual course. Part of this course was to meditate and wait for your power animal to approach you. In his case, there was a wolf waiting for him.
Personally, wolfs are pretty high up in my list of great animals... in fact, they range close to panthers and leopards, which, imo, are the epitome of amazingness.

So i wanted to draw a wolf for him.

During that time, there were a lot of things to fight with for me, and without thinking why, i wanted it to be a wolf crying in the rain.

"Desperation"was my main reference, however, the aggression of the drawings didn't feel right with me, so i tried and changed that.

Also i wanted to change the direction which the wolf faced, because to me, if the wolf faces the left, it feels like he's crying over the past, whereas when facing the right, it feels more like he's fighting the rain that awaits him in the present and future.

So without really thinking about it and just following my heart, i drew (in recordtime, two days) something for my friend, but also expressed myself in this drawing.

He said it was the best present he ever got, which to me at that time felt like you found a water fountain in the desert :)

fixative spray,
2 days

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