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Allie - no more swimming for today

Allie - no more swimming for today

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Allie - no more swimming for today

New anaglyph from another trip to Rhode Island beaches. See whole series at http://www.fotodia.ru/photos/3Dimka/set/Beach_season/

Thanks for watching and commenting ;)

Kommentare 6

  • 3Dimka Bessmertniy 31. Juli 2006, 17:11

    Thanks for comment, guys

    to K.P. Meyer
    >but letting the model staring directly in the sun
    Thanks, but that wasn't setup shot, I just took a picture as it s, though it appears it's a "model" style :) LOL

    to Serge Côté
    > LANC Shefferd
    Serge, it's very affordable. I bought 2 used Sony DSC V-1 at ebay for $100 each. LANC is pretty expensive though, whole setup will cost you $550-600. I think it just worths perfectly synched stereos ;)
  • Sascha Becher 31. Juli 2006, 10:53

    Besides the nice model, I like the depth of the waves.
    There is a sink in the sea for 30 meters. Very vivid!
  • Serge Côté 30. Juli 2006, 20:52

    In any way it is I like your stereos. This one is particularly good for the synchronized freezing water (and should I say ... for the girl too).

    Ah !!!!!!! Lanc Shefferd with compatible digital cameras ... A LONG TIME DREAM OF MINE !

    By the way, very good series too.

  • Jan-Dierk Borgmann 30. Juli 2006, 20:51

    A very fine Stereo!
  • K.P. Meyer 30. Juli 2006, 13:52

    Very good 3D - technically, but letting the model staring directly in the sun ....

    lg Peter
  • Xavier Laine 30. Juli 2006, 13:40

    Very good synchro, good depth, good colors, and very good subjects. I like it.