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Vera M. Shulga

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The parable of the mallow

He grew up where they left behind are stubs, scraps, cigarette butts, wrappers, in a word - rubbish, forgetting, perhaps, and not thinking about it - The place in which they live. A plant called Weed. But this was no ordinary weed. Slim straight stem it sometimes reaches the height of five feet. His grass-and then not bring myself to call, though he came from a family of herbaceous. Rather, it was a small tree with very beautiful, like five-pointed star - leaves.

But his chief ornament, of course, were the flowers. This bright beauty, such diversity of colors and shades were very few of his cousins. They used to be purple-red and pale pink, purple and mauve, blue, and blue ... Also unusual was the weed that flowers are not only crowned him, but also flourished, as they say, several storeys high, pleasing the eye during the summer.

I wanted to tell his Creator, creating a weed is that? The fact is that among the trash can grow an incredible beauty? Or is he there to people who saw him from afar (I guess, and a large increase has been given so), going to enjoy a closer, would have noticed the rubbish that spoils the appearance of a flower and started to clean up after themselves? One way or another, but the weed, from time immemorial to the present day dozhivshy, grows now in large areas.

In the fall, dropped last petals, a flower laid bare the seed pods as prosvirki - favorite treats birds. During the meal some seeds fell on the earth to spring up a new flower ..

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Kamera Canon PowerShot A2000 IS
Objektiv Unknown 6-38mm
Blende 5.6
Belichtungszeit 1/500
Brennweite 35.1 mm
ISO 125

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