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Abandoned car-plant in Moscow, Russia.

Abandoned car-plant in Moscow, Russia.

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Abandoned car-plant in Moscow, Russia.

Sorry, I do not know German, so I make discription in English.
Plant AZLK was build in 1935 as part of Joseph Stalin plan of industrialization of retardet Russia. Now all territory of this pland totally abandoned. There is no security and there is no problem to take there photo-session. This pic was make by half frame camera FED-micron. In that day wether was bloody cold -20'C. More pictures from AZLK plant you can see in my gallery http://industrial-decadence.tripod.com

Kommentare 3

  • Yves Marchand 11. November 2004, 23:02

    You show here a beautiful place with a particular atmosphear in your shot. All that is very interesting !
  • Christoph Lauber 1. April 2003, 10:02

    very well
    excellent worx
  • Uwe Lange 31. März 2003, 22:08

    and sorry, I forgot almost all Russian I learned in the past ...
    the mood is like I would watch a very old film specifically due to the blurred frame. This picture is special because it doesn't try to show beauty details of decay. Will keep an eye on your site.