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Ulrike Stollenwerk

Free Mitglied, Berlin

A prayer for the hindu gods

Sunset was already over when we took a walk through the village of Padang Bai. This girl was concentrating on her task of bringing a special gift for the hindu gods - as they do in Bali every morning and every evening. Light was fading and I didn't want to use the flash.
Bali, August 2004

Kommentare 2

  • Ulrike Stollenwerk 11. November 2004, 20:32

    please read my explanation to the picture. this is available light photography. it doesn't necessarily need to be sharp, it's more about conveying feelings and atmosphere. if i would have used flash here it would not have been the same.
  • Thomas H. aus WN 11. November 2004, 20:25

    sorry, but should be more sharpened!