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Free Mitglied, Berlin

A new King is in the house ..

This is "Gil", our new king since Easter-Friday. He grows up as a street cat in Greece. He "jumped" in our heart at "Katzen in Not Berlin e.V."
First we looked at an orange little kitten but we can`t outwit our heart and so we decited: We give him a new home !
"Gil" is a full deaf Tomcat!
That means, he like to see ALL the things they are in motion, cause he use his eyes much more intense than hearing cats do. He smashed a lot of things (for example an old Westminster Clock..we can`t repair, but we still have wonderfull "new" gear wheels for making "jewelry".. ), so we are in "alarm" but it means nothing to him.. like .. "Lalala".
He is a great "RocknRoller!

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