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Craig Robinson

Free Mitglied, Stacyville, Maine

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  • Craig Robinson 27. Dezember 2005, 0:57

    Oh, hair-raising means a close call with death. Many times the crews were attacked by Grizzly bears and men were killed. But that is not all. This man could entertain you with stories for the rest of your life and not repeat himself once. He is a fountain of wisdom and he does not mind sharing it with someone if he likes them ;^)
  • RiKeMa 26. Dezember 2005, 20:10

    Oh, thanks a lot for your explication and yeah, please look for a photo of the young Fred. The only onw, I didn't understand: What does it mean: He experienced many hair-raising events?

    And the women chased after him..............hey super, in this age..........:-))) Send him my regards from a german fan
  • Andreas Kasube - Fotodesign Köln 26. Dezember 2005, 15:30

    Schönes Bild.
    Nice Picture.

    Gruß aus Köln (Cologne/Germany)
  • Craig Robinson 26. Dezember 2005, 13:44

    Rike, many books have been written about him. His name is Fred Goodwin. As a young man he was a trapper and famous hunter of deer. He killed many Whitetail deer with antlers that rank among the very highest in all of North America. When the Alkan highway was built in the Yukon, he went to work in Alaska to take part in it's construction. He was there working for 3 years and experienced many hair-raising events. Upon returning, he followed his father's footsteps and entered the sporting goods business and eventually became the most respected authority on Winchesters of anyone in our country. He has a photographic memory.....which has not failed even at this advanced age. I will get a good photo of him in his younger years and scan it and post it for you, okay?

    ps; he was and still is a very good looking man. The women chased after him constantly ;^)
  • C.-M. Anselmann 26. Dezember 2005, 12:05

    A face with lifelines. Nice portrait.
    My grandpa was also 97 years old.
    best regards
  • RiKeMa 26. Dezember 2005, 12:02

    Boah...........he looks 20 years younger. Is this your father or grandfather?

    What did all happen in his long life? My father would have the same age, unimaginable..........., but he has died in 1974..........

    Grüßle von Rike

    P.S. Do you have a picture of him as a young man. I think, he was a good looking guy.................;-)))