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Our Planet von Abdul Khaliq

Our Planet


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22.06.2005 um 9:58 Uhr
, Lizenz: Alle Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht der jeweiligen Sender. All pictures  by the senders.
Al Jazira - Abu Dhabi

Jabel Hafith von Abdul Khaliq
Jabel Hafithnicht in Diskussion
26.6.05, 16:46
12 Anmerkungen


Roswitha W, 22.06.2005 um 10:29 Uhr

wirkt wie ein abstraktes gemälde lg rosi
like an abstract painting

Cees Kuijs, 22.06.2005 um 11:03 Uhr

Great composition. Nice toning!!
Greetings, Cees

Anastasya Ivanova, 22.06.2005 um 15:48 Uhr

very good one! interesting and fun to see the scape there and it would be better if it covers the wider area.

Robert L. Roux, 22.06.2005 um 16:03 Uhr

Our Planet is an incredibly beautiful place - your foto of Al Jazira proves it...

Jutta Washington, 22.06.2005 um 16:13 Uhr

Beautiful like a painting. I love the colors.

Abdul Khaliq, 23.06.2005 um 10:13 Uhr

Thankyou All for your comments.
@Robert, Trying to promote this planet ptimistically ;o).

Silke Maria Christoph, 23.06.2005 um 11:06 Uhr

The colours are really interessting...

Silke Maria

HAUPTsache, 25.06.2005 um 9:10 Uhr

wonderful colors....

Abdul Khaliq, 25.06.2005 um 13:43 Uhr

Silke & Conny, Thanks for your colorful comments ;o).

Paul Grimshaw, 26.06.2005 um 13:07 Uhr

Hi Abdul - cool idea - isn't it interesting that actual parts (colour) from my Lincolnshire landscape, that has been palettised, is now directly transferred and in use on a foreign scape ... regards, Paul.

John Moore, 27.06.2005 um 13:36 Uhr

Hello my friend, another of your brilliant works.
I love the green railings in the background, they seem to give the picture extra depth.
I have just the spot for it in my dinning room.
Thanks for your kind words once more.
I cannot answer you question, as I am not sure.
The sun was setting, I was balanced on a slippery pole.
I just took the shot and hopped back to safety.

Rarindra Prakarsa, 3.07.2005 um 13:27 Uhr

I Like the colour...the tones

Radomir-Masha Dikosavljevic, 3.07.2005 um 13:31 Uhr

Good one, Abdul, good one :)

Abdul Khaliq, 3.07.2005 um 13:43 Uhr

Paul, John, Rarindra & Radomir
Thank you for your kind comments.

Alin Neamtu, 16.07.2005 um 10:56 Uhr

Very beautiful tones, surrealistic. very good, indeed.


Christof Benz, 19.11.2005 um 17:55 Uhr

Wonderful colours, great perspective.
Well done.
Best regards

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