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Roy's Motel von Jim McKinniss

Roy's Motel


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15.01.2007 um 2:46 Uhr
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Roy's motel is abandonded and has been for years. It is located in the southern California desert and is frequently used as a movie location.

I shot this with a Canon 1DS Mark II. Technicals: f16.0, manual, 1/10 second, ISO 100, focal length 30.0mm using a 16-35mm zoom.


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Ruud van der Lubben, 15.01.2007 um 12:05 Uhr

I think in general you made this a bit too dark with as a result that the picture lost much of its charm. I think by making it lighter and may increase the contrast a little this would work far better. The total picture seems to be leaning to the left somewhat.

BRYAN CRUTE, 15.01.2007 um 18:04 Uhr

I like what I think you set out to achieve. A sixtys style motel shot.?

Sarah Kiefer, 15.01.2007 um 21:13 Uhr

i haven't seen your black & white side yet, jim. i like it. the mood in the sky here is beautifully captured. how's that for "straight and tough" critique? oh, all right, here's one: lop off a little from the bottom; just barely an inch or so to keep that dark black and a few of those sparkly tar-beach highlights. the lighting on the buildings is great...the stark shadows all work very well.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 16.01.2007 um 15:02 Uhr

i really like the dasrkness of it, the sky is great, i would probably just clone out the little white spots in the right backround,little houses or shops?
so the focus is on the sign and motel itself.
great shot

Harry B.P. Jaeger, 17.01.2007 um 18:39 Uhr

a very expression-strong picture. I like it so much
greets from vienna

Sachin Pangaonkar, 17.01.2007 um 20:19 Uhr

Great perspective . The tones are class. Good that you presented it in this format . Its got a great effect.

Dragomir Vukovic, 22.01.2007 um 18:12 Uhr

another great window

Eddie Maguire, 24.01.2007 um 16:05 Uhr

Excellent... has a very retro, LIFE Magazine feel to it.

Marita Schreiner, 25.01.2007 um 19:00 Uhr

Yes - Excellent
The darkness reminds me of "Bates Motel"


Brian Seitz, 27.01.2007 um 23:48 Uhr

You know, when I stayed here they didn't have any customers either. Wonder how they keep the place looking so good. Fantastic lighting and comp. Nice POV.
I have never seen one of these after eating mushrooms!!

Pat McMullen, 31.01.2007 um 14:24 Uhr

Love this photo! Old motels are great.

T.Hübner, 11.02.2007 um 14:53 Uhr

respect - I like this picture !


Andrej Nagode, 23.09.2007 um 9:54 Uhr

Wow...amazing work.
Best wishes,

Yadran Saavedra, 27.10.2007 um 9:10 Uhr

this photo is rich in contrast, I love it

Yadran Saavedra, 27.10.2007 um 9:11 Uhr

well executed.

Rob Nagelhout , 27.12.2007 um 12:37 Uhr

Hi Jim, super this great shot with amazing contrasts

Maddalena Di Gregorio, 10.01.2008 um 10:21 Uhr

I love the lighting and do not think it is too light, in fact lightening it up would turn it in to a more common shot. There is a feeling of the sun peeking through an opening in the thick dark clouds right before nightime...imminent really. As for the composition I love the contrast between the incrdibly gigantic sign and the tiny motel complex.

blow-up , 26.09.2008 um 13:34 Uhr

Actually not new as an image subject but really well done.

blow-up :-)

John Willems , 23.11.2008 um 4:17 Uhr

You are really a great Artist Jim. Fantastic image on a very high lever! PRO +++++++ J.

Dennis Franke, 21.03.2010 um 14:59 Uhr


cool !!!


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