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HARD WORK von hrishikesh thakur



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9.07.2010 um 7:32 Uhr
, Lizenz: Alle Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht der jeweiligen Sender. All pictures  by the senders.
In rain, farmers and animals work hard in farm for RICE CROP !


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Christian Knospe, 9.07.2010 um 7:47 Uhr

what a great shot !

br chris

JJ's Picture-Factory, 9.07.2010 um 9:41 Uhr

perfect shot...+++++


Anja Pape, 9.07.2010 um 11:32 Uhr

a very good shot
greetings Anja

Maria Simona Monti, 9.07.2010 um 12:19 Uhr

IT: - von Maria Simona Monti
IT: -
7.7.10, 15:04
5 Anmerkungen

The Haga, 9.07.2010 um 13:02 Uhr

wow.......good shot *************
i love it.


JOKIST, 9.07.2010 um 21:27 Uhr

Very well set the scene !

LG Ingrid und Hans

Adele Oliver, 9.07.2010 um 21:42 Uhr

An excellent docu shot .... makes one feel for these poor beasts.
cheers, Adele

Jean-Bernard, 11.07.2010 um 11:12 Uhr

Great picture !
Wonderful ...
best wishes from France

de ceulaer, 11.07.2010 um 12:21 Uhr

excellent shot !
br alain

Kalyan Miki Mukherjee, 11.07.2010 um 19:56 Uhr

reminds me on my trip to Kolkata..
COM: misty field von Kalyan Miki Mukherjee
COM: misty field
6.3.10, 22:08
3 Anmerkungen

Nice shot¨!

Bernd Ullrich, 11.07.2010 um 23:51 Uhr

Wunderschöne Aufnahme. Gratulation!!
LG Bernd

s. sabine krause, 12.07.2010 um 9:30 Uhr

so much "dramatic movement" and action in this shot! it really makes us all get an impression of almost feel! the effort, the arduous labor, and the future exhaustion, which work like this must mean for both the farmer and his hard-working animals! a very fertile piece of land, it seems the abundance of water, the green rice plants but in the thick mud every step must become a challenge and the strain's all there, in the eyes of the water buffalo! a great glimpse into a kind of rural life, i am not familiar with, and thus turns into an eye-opening "revelation". greetings, sabine. p.s. what are those "knitted muzzles" for? to keep them from feeding on the plants?

AllforLove, 12.07.2010 um 9:53 Uhr

really hard! nice shot!

Massimo Gherardi, 12.07.2010 um 13:11 Uhr

Once again you show us how hard life is for lots of people (and cows, too).
Well framed, the subject detaches itself from the background in a wonderful way.
Regards, Massimo

Odette LEFEBVRE, 13.07.2010 um 13:23 Uhr

great shot!!!+++++++

Peter Harig, 14.07.2010 um 19:58 Uhr

a good picture from the hard live
vG Peter

Jutta Ploessner, 9.08.2010 um 4:28 Uhr

It definately looks like hard work for all of them. I appreciate your photos from the real India.
Jutta from Edgewood, British Columbia.
COM: When evening falls ... von Jutta Ploessner
COM: When evening falls ...
5.8.10, 4:00
31 Anmerkungen

Konstantinos Papazoglou, 5.09.2010 um 18:18 Uhr


guvo4, 26.09.2010 um 12:41 Uhr

Fantasic picture and fine documentation of their work.
Best regards...Volker

Andreas Florian, 30.10.2010 um 11:29 Uhr


Voting Center, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr

This photo has been nominated for the gallery, but has been turned down with 82 pro and 93 contra votes.

Jean-Bernard, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr

PRO +++

a great picture !

Kaith Kakavouli, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr

PRO !!!!

Gérald SCHMITT, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Susana Miguel, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr

Dear Hrishikesh,

Thank you for sharing a bit of India with us.

In the lush green of the rice fields that fade away in the background you managed perfectly to capture the hard work of this farmer and his oxen, wading through the mud of the field...

I was not very comfortable at first with that green, too strong and not very natural, but now it does not disturb me any more.

A pro for your image and best regards,

Alfredo Yanez, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Gasser Lisbeth, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Sabine Suess, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Ruth U., 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


J-P.M, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


mike snead, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


JURAFR, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Bernd Ullrich, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Uwe Lamm, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


JoY MadiSon, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Claire Laira, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Paulo Pereira, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


vasilis valakis, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr

PRO ++++

lolita cecilia, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


meije001, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Galeria, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Anca Silvia B., 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


aline64, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Jörg Klüber, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Fons van Swaal, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Adele Oliver, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


vittorio L, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Luigi Scorsino, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


CsomorLászló, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Günter Nau, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Roberto L., 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


JValentina, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


guvo4, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Falko Sieker, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Canan Oner, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Véronique Soulier, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Mauro Stradotto, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Stefano Todde, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Ilidio Fernandes, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Alessandro Russo, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


Thoralf, 29.11.2010 um 22:11 Uhr


bombamo Michèle, 29.11.2010 um 22:12 Uhr


TFR, 29.11.2010 um 22:12 Uhr


Sylvia Schulz, 29.11.2010 um 22:12 Uhr


Guglielmo Rispoli, 29.11.2010 um 22:12 Uhr


D Wen, 29.11.2010 um 22:12 Uhr


Massimiliano Graziani, 29.11.2010 um 22:12 Uhr

(\__/) PRO!
(=^.^) /


Christian Bertero, 6.12.2010 um 13:58 Uhr

Great document my friend ! ++++


hrishikesh thakur, 6.12.2010 um 15:05 Uhr


Horica Sabau, 10.12.2010 um 10:28 Uhr

well done!

Wmr Wolfgang Müller, 19.12.2010 um 16:34 Uhr

I like the impressions of everyday life ... a beautiful rural location ... You've perfectly captured ..

LillySR, 27.01.2011 um 6:43 Uhr

poor animals :'( :'(

but a great shot!

LillySR, 27.01.2011 um 6:44 Uhr

why do those cows have such a thing on their mouthes? are they biting? or arent they allowed to eat while working? :(

Emir Hadzidervisagic Roki, 11.02.2011 um 9:58 Uhr


Nik Recob, 16.03.2011 um 19:46 Uhr

wow! I feel like I'm THERE!

Mark Billiau., 25.03.2011 um 10:57 Uhr

Great docu capture of this farmer at work !


Majid mehraban, 9.04.2011 um 7:44 Uhr


prasad, 11.06.2011 um 19:32 Uhr


fionnghall, 27.06.2011 um 19:31 Uhr

Great capture
Best regards, Fingal

Vera M. Shulga, 29.06.2011 um 15:14 Uhr

Great shot!

Milan Bystron, 15.09.2011 um 12:26 Uhr


Hafeez Bhatti, 21.11.2011 um 22:31 Uhr

Beautifull picture, full of strong images, showing a great photographic eye

maruthy photography, 17.01.2012 um 15:24 Uhr


diganta, 3.08.2012 um 18:01 Uhr


Gautam Bhatia, 4.03.2013 um 17:26 Uhr

We don't get chance to see such photographs much these days .... good shot

Heinz Koch (Heini), 3.11.2013 um 23:28 Uhr

Great work / picture(s). Congratulations!

Best wishes

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