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Hello My Friends, Greeting from Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland von John Moore

Hello My Friends, Greeting from Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland


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16.08.2008 um 13:01 Uhr
, Lizenz: Alle Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht der jeweiligen Sender. All pictures © by the senders.
Well I am now in the D.H. Section of F.C. (A Basic Member)
I have very limited time now, so I changed my membership!!

Photo details below!!

Hello one and all, many moons have crossed by our horizons and not a murmur from me.
Why you may ask, well I have been very busy helping out a number of people.
In brief, a short note to tell of my outline.
I travelled from Armadale in West Australia, to Brisbane and then to Capalaba, south east of Brisbane.
Here I spent about 5 weeks of quality time with my Son and his Partner Kim and my number one grandson Tristian, who is now 8 years old.
My trip so far has been very cool to say the least; I cannot wait to return to the warmth of South East Asia.
During my stay in Capalaba my laptop blew up, so I lost a great deal of information and photo’s.
I took it to 2 technicians, but alas the damage was too great, so now I have another new laptop.
Then I flew on to Cairns for a few days to visit an Angelic friend of mine Young Alison; she is a very kind and helping soul, who is so different to young folk her age.
She is not self centred and cares so much about the well being of others.
A quality I greatly admire in fellow humans!!!
Alison, bless your soul dear, can’t wait to catch up again!!!
My Daughter Wendy came down to fetch me from Cairns; and we went to a 4 wheel drive and camping show while we were there.
My Son, Daughter and their partners are into exploring the outback and are always updating the equipment needed.
They also spent many years training and teaching with the voluntary State Emergency rescue Services.
Next we headed for their property 2 hours away, it lies east of Ravenshoe, which is the highest point in Queensland.
The property is bordering the rain forest belt; it is very chilly here in the winter I can tell you!!
Electric blankets and even two hot water bottles are my companions at night!!
In a week’s time I am travelling back to Cairns for three nights, and then on the 25th at 6am flying to Sydney a 3 hour flight, there I shall catch another aircraft bound for Phuket.
In Phuket I shall attend a meeting with some folks from Europe and spend about 4 days there.
Then fly to Bangkok to catch a flight to Udon-Thani, where I am going into hiding for a whole month of rest.
My plans to help build huts for the refugees on the Thai Burma border, has to wait for a while until my visa to enter that area has been approved.
No photographs are to be taken in this area I have been informed!!!
In the meantime, I have been offered a teaching position in Isaan country mid Thailand.
Looking forward to this immensely for I have a better understanding of the Isaan folk than any of the other Thai groups.
Well my friends, that is a basic outline of my past few months and my future plans for now.
Hopefully I shall remain in South East Asia for a year or two this trip, pending circumstances of course.
I hope to have more time in Asia to get back into FC which I am missing!!
Good Luck and Bless You All.


The photo I took from a water taxi early one chilly morning on our way to Macleay Island, located opposite Stradbroke Island for those who have visited the area.
We went to visit Kim’s parents who have a beautiful home on the Island.


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Tanjung-Pinang, 16.08.2008 um 13:19 Uhr

Hi John, nice to hear from you.
All the best to you.
br monika

Markus Hirschbeck, 16.08.2008 um 14:14 Uhr

Hi mate, how are you!
Very beautyfull pic from north queensland!
Best wishes from bavaria!

Lucia H, 16.08.2008 um 14:17 Uhr

hi john, fine to hear from you, hope you are quite well! send you greetings from vienna and lucia

Norfolks and more, 16.08.2008 um 14:19 Uhr

He's alive!!! *smile*
Nice to have a sign of life from you.
The picture is fine - and we send best wishes from Northern Germany to North Queensland!
Greets Anke and Björn

Sandro Emanuelli, 16.08.2008 um 14:24 Uhr

Hi my friend, finally I have news from you! Have a nice stay in Asia and keep us posted.
God bless you.

Leo_nid, 16.08.2008 um 16:15 Uhr

Hi John!
Great to hear from you again
Fantastic blue world you're living in

Cees Kuijs, 16.08.2008 um 20:38 Uhr

Well, well, looks who`s there !! :-)) Good to hear from you, my friend !! A lot has pass the revue, so I can read. Just keep on going and keep in touch !!
Greetings, Cees

Christiane Wüllner, 16.08.2008 um 22:42 Uhr

Hello John, i`m glad to see you here again - was wondering what happened to you.
:-)) Christiane

Véronique Soulier , 16.08.2008 um 23:15 Uhr

nice to get some news from you.. always travelling so far ! bye VS

Gregor Luschnat GL-ART-PHOTOGRAPHY, 17.08.2008 um 22:50 Uhr

Hello John, a class picture - rather blue, the water and the sky, but it is very beautiful.


Christian Michalski, 18.08.2008 um 8:39 Uhr

Hi John,

sounds to get a interesting time for you. Take care and enjoy it.

Nice blue picture.


Christian Knospe, 18.08.2008 um 11:44 Uhr

hallo john
nice to hear something from you
take care mate

br chris

Anca Silvia B., 7.09.2008 um 18:24 Uhr

Hi John.
Nice to hear from you.
Take care ,my friend.

Lidschlag, 8.09.2008 um 19:27 Uhr

Hi John!
Hope you get, what you bargain for.
I wish you a great time teaching.

annegretfunk , 14.09.2008 um 9:27 Uhr

schöne Farben
und Ausstrahlung !!!

Schön mal wieder ein Foto
von dir zu sehen !


Nyo Pu, 23.09.2008 um 10:44 Uhr

Hi John,
Nice blue saturation.
Hope that things are going well there, in Thailand.
Rgds, np

Michael Henderson, 28.09.2008 um 4:47 Uhr

You sure are one busy person, Take care and enjoy !!!!


Kerstin Jung, 30.10.2008 um 19:18 Uhr

Hi John,
good to hear from you again.
Seems you are very busy these days. So don't get too stressed and take care!

Robert L. Roux, 30.10.2008 um 23:09 Uhr

greetings from raven's land


OIWEIDRAWIG , 12.11.2008 um 17:19 Uhr

....sehr sauber geworden ,........

gefällt !!


l.g josef

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