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Spring is not far von Anne-Lise

Spring is not far


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30.01.2012 um 5:17 Uhr
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Glenn Capers, 30.01.2012 um 6:45 Uhr

This is wonderful But I still want to enjoy the winter. :)

great shot

Enne See, 30.01.2012 um 15:22 Uhr

Not too often I like unsharpened photos (and that, about my occasion speaking, has cost me thousands of euros, buying certain gear that might allow me to get out of... blurry troubles easily - at least, when I wish for).
But here we deal with another prospect; for I think that the subject of your photo looks much more elegant with this (editing?) dreamy effect you applied on the whole frame. In fact, I may wouldn't like it as much as I like it now if it was sharper. Now, isn't this a chance that went bang!, or not?

All my best,
Enne See

Anne-Lise, 31.01.2012 um 3:46 Uhr

@Enne, the effect was done on purpose.

Enne See, 31.01.2012 um 11:07 Uhr

I thought it was so.Then let me tell you that one has to be very brave with his decisions each time he decides to work with this photographic style in mind. More specifically, how many are those who get passionate about the idea of sharp photos? They must be countless, compared with those who love to experiment with blurry frames, aren't they?
Under this reasoning, I warmly welcome your effort (much more from the moment when you decided to let the result of it put in the public view and criticism).

Best regards,
Enne See

Mark Billiau., 1.02.2012 um 12:35 Uhr

Looks like a painting this way !
Beautifully done !!


cathy Blatt, 6.02.2012 um 6:00 Uhr

I absolutely love the "blurring', great shot.Have been experimenting on these lines but have not got it right yet.Have a look on www.phototravel.ch
He has got a series Ruegen auf den Spuren der Impressionisten. This is along the lines of your tulips and is fantastic. Hope you continue on along the line of "Spring is not far", best reggards,
COM: Gegenlicht von cathy Blatt
COM: Gegenlicht
8.1.12, 20:39
28 Anmerkungen

David H Thomas, 6.02.2012 um 7:38 Uhr


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