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Transformation.... von Katarina A



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2.06.2008 um 11:15 Uhr
, Lizenz: Alle Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht der jeweiligen Sender. All pictures  by the senders.
The frog is the totem of metamorphosis.
It symbolizes coming into your personal power.
It reminds us not to become bogged down with day-to-day living.

It is the totem of water.
Its voice calls forth the rains.
Emotions are associated with water and
a frog totem may be telling you to get in touch with your feelings.

They can cleanse the negativity from an environment.


A little meaning for some regarding the cute frog.... :-)

Have a sweet week...Kat


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Edgar B., 2.06.2008 um 11:21 Uhr

A beautiful colour. Just a pity that the flash destroyed the back of the frog.
A flash used allusively impeded the reflection.

Alexej3 , 2.06.2008 um 11:26 Uhr


Mr. Saguari, 2.06.2008 um 11:38 Uhr

wow, beautiful :-)
Sagi :-)

stefanrs , 2.06.2008 um 11:54 Uhr

WOW,poisen pure...

well done kat!
dont give him a kiss.... ;-)


Cees Kuijs, 2.06.2008 um 12:13 Uhr

Very good capture, Kat !! It`s a treefrog, am I right ??
Very nice words with the picture.
Rest me one question......................did you kissed it ? :-))))))))))
Greetings, Cees

Andrea Jagersberger, 2.06.2008 um 16:30 Uhr

A real great pic and good words!!!

Allan Thompson, 2.06.2008 um 16:47 Uhr

Beautiful capture,striking image!!

Reinhard..., 2.06.2008 um 17:27 Uhr

great comment Katarina, well done!!!


Ilidio Fernandes , 2.06.2008 um 17:52 Uhr

Excellent image , i like the words too. Best wishes

Frederick Mann, 2.06.2008 um 19:07 Uhr

and the supportive text
I could see it that way too ...

Vladan Doslic , 2.06.2008 um 22:23 Uhr

P e r f e c t ! ! !

Tove Følid, 3.06.2008 um 1:53 Uhr

Nice colours and good text.

Dianna , 3.06.2008 um 15:51 Uhr

Love the photo!
Love the words!

Andrea Se. , 3.06.2008 um 20:31 Uhr

Very good photo, perfect with the words.


Wayne Tsipouras, 4.06.2008 um 0:25 Uhr

Great colours, interesting words.


Mark Billiau. , 5.06.2008 um 18:03 Uhr

Beautiful picture.
Strong vivid colours.
Great sharpness.
Good work Katarina.

Ricko , 9.06.2008 um 10:43 Uhr

love fredo
so cool

Robert L. Roux, 11.06.2008 um 14:24 Uhr

they transform
and they dream
of a kiss
like the
people_kinder ...
a smile and a woof!
from the northland

Carlo Capobianchi , 11.06.2008 um 19:09 Uhr

Immagine suggestiva, uno scatto molto bello
ciao Carlo

Anca Silvia B., 18.06.2008 um 21:33 Uhr

Lovely .I like frogs.

Vera Böhm, 19.06.2008 um 8:34 Uhr

Really wonderful with beautiful and strong colors!
Regards, Vera

Wolfgang Palmer , 19.06.2008 um 13:17 Uhr

Great photo! They look like little "elephant man" frogs,

Andrej Nagode, 22.06.2008 um 16:56 Uhr

Wow...what a fantastic picture.
Well done, again.
Have a great Sunday

Deryck , 25.06.2008 um 20:49 Uhr

Beautiful colour and sharpness.

Pawel Majewski, 29.06.2008 um 9:41 Uhr

What a strong greenness. Stunning view

Johann Dittmann , 29.06.2008 um 16:44 Uhr

A nice close up of the frogs and they seam to like your place. Well taken Kat.
Hans from down under

Saska S. , 29.06.2008 um 19:11 Uhr

Wow...amazing picture!

Max13 , 29.06.2008 um 20:09 Uhr

A wondeful Picture of the green Frogs LG max

Anne Su. , 29.06.2008 um 20:15 Uhr

I love it! Great coulours and a wonderful sharpness.
Best wishes Susanne

Claire Laira, 1.07.2008 um 21:48 Uhr

Stunning presentation!
Kind regards, Claire

Bergfee , 11.07.2008 um 14:02 Uhr

Wonderful picture !
Best wishes, Eva

Rob Nagelhout , 26.07.2008 um 21:45 Uhr

Hi Katarina, just a short visit to see a fine picture with vibrant colors and a great sharpness. Compliments

Andreas Wellnitz , 24.08.2008 um 13:35 Uhr

Fine colours and sharpness,LG.Andreas!

Genius Boy , 17.09.2008 um 6:14 Uhr

very nice picture, good colours & composition.welldone

Gert van der Flier , 29.10.2008 um 11:19 Uhr

A great transfotmation, Katarina.
Great colours too.
I like it.
Best regards, Gert

(THE)RESA , 29.11.2008 um 13:30 Uhr

greeeeeen! i like it! :)
such a beautiful picture.
greetings from germany :)

Enzo Righeschi, 3.01.2009 um 17:10 Uhr

Bellissimo scatto come sempre!!!
Ciao e buon Anno!

chris nsmith, 7.02.2009 um 13:44 Uhr

Excellent shot


Jenny Theobald, 12.04.2009 um 11:32 Uhr

amazing colors!

Allan Thompson, 6.08.2009 um 19:39 Uhr

Fantastic capture,so professionally done!!!

FOTO-BERNY, 2.11.2009 um 17:01 Uhr

a very spectacular reception!
with wonderful colors and contrasts!
class composition!
Gr. Bernd

P.E.T.R.A., 15.12.2009 um 22:13 Uhr

absolutely brilliant! great colours!!!

best wishes
*´¨ )
¸.* ¸.*´¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.*´ (¸.´ (¸.*´¯`*-> P. E. T. R. A.

pecheur0606, 30.04.2011 um 20:56 Uhr

that is beautiful very beautiful picture.

Andreas Mrowetz, 9.04.2012 um 11:44 Uhr

A Dream! Beatiful!
Greetings Andreas

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