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Jeremy B

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fc id:
Thanks for stopping by to view a small collection of my work.

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Neueste Anmerkungen | Alle Anmerkungen (182)

Sarah D. Kiefer , 1.12.2007 um 17:34 Uhr

thank you!! i'm happy you like 'quench'!! thanks for your visit to my photos!
sarah k

Ilidio Fernandes , 28.11.2007 um 0:09 Uhr

Thank you so much, for the support that you give me

aw masry , 25.11.2007 um 15:54 Uhr

Hi Friend
Thanks for your critical vote here. I was really appreciated.
Best regards - aw masry

Stefan S. Mosley, 25.11.2007 um 14:58 Uhr

Vantage von Stefan S. Mosley
Vantagenicht in Diskussion
Von Stefan S. Mosley
21.10.07, 14:13
95 Anmerkungen

Many thanks for your vote

FIERMONTE NICO , 16.11.2007 um 11:04 Uhr


Beatrix Bistiakova, 15.11.2007 um 17:48 Uhr

Thanks for the comment to my picutre...


Angelo Antonio Facchini , 15.11.2007 um 10:20 Uhr

Thank you for yours comment. I see yours picture and I find it's very very professional. Bye Angelo

Klausi , 14.11.2007 um 19:54 Uhr

Thanks for the comment to my picutre.
You have very gut portrait works.
Regards from Klaus (Germany)
Black and blue von Klausi
Black and bluenicht in Diskussion
Von Klausi
13.11.07, 21:55
47 Anmerkungen

Aleksandar , 12.11.2007 um 19:07 Uhr

Thanks for your comment! It took me about 15 min. to edit this photo. I'm very fast in PS! :)

Sorin Lipenschi , 2.11.2007 um 17:58 Uhr

Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Autumn". I really enjoy your comment.
COM: Autumn von Sorin Lipenschi
COM: Autumn
Von Sorin Lipenschi
31.10.07, 6:09
14 Anmerkungen

Maria Mylona, 2.11.2007 um 13:19 Uhr

Hi J,
thanks for your comment on my pic.
I appreciate it :)

Radosveta Popova , 2.11.2007 um 5:13 Uhr

Thank you for your comment and attention !Much appracieted! fc-foto:10739006
Warm regards

mk-foto , 30.10.2007 um 15:31 Uhr

thank u very much! =)

Francesco Prestifilippo, 30.10.2007 um 7:01 Uhr

grazie per la visita ed il commento

zuhalkalin , 26.10.2007 um 15:28 Uhr

Thank you j russell :)

László Bolla , 25.10.2007 um 9:45 Uhr

Thanks for the comment.
best regards,László
COM: Stairs von László Bolla
COM: Stairs
Von László Bolla
18.10.07, 22:44
6 Anmerkungen

Cindy Martin, 24.08.2007 um 1:48 Uhr

the photo was taken at st john , trunk bay in the virgin islands ..thanks for the comment . I know that it was a while ago but I just read it.

Zahangir Kabir, 10.04.2007 um 13:59 Uhr

you have a strong and creative portfolio. i like your photographs.
friends von Zahangir Kabir
Von Zahangir Kabir
28.3.07, 12:03
13 Anmerkungen

Maria Kyselicova, 26.12.2006 um 14:50 Uhr

merry christmas and a good start in the year 2007
Merry Christmas von Maria Kyselicova
Merry Christmasnicht in Diskussion
Von Maria Kyselicova
24.12.06, 16:02
36 Anmerkungen


Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 8.11.2006 um 6:52 Uhr

thanks Jeremy, nice to see you are active in the community still,. miss ya photos when are we going to see more of your work

Patrick Parenteau, 15.10.2006 um 7:07 Uhr

I see you are haunting the hallways of FC again. I trust all is well. Cheers from Canada. Patrick

Sara Goss, 4.08.2006 um 19:31 Uhr

Hello Jeremy,

I love you photos and your homepage. Thanks alot for sharing your talent.


Casey Binns, 3.07.2006 um 21:11 Uhr

Ok Slacker, call your brother I haven't spoken with you forever! My number is still the same

Patrick Parenteau, 22.04.2006 um 7:47 Uhr

Thanks for taking the time to vote for this shot. I am glad to say that it made the gallery - my first one.
Cheers, Patrick

DIANA DAVIDSON, 18.04.2006 um 19:42 Uhr

awesome profile foto.... you're so fun!

Robert L. Roux, 17.04.2006 um 9:46 Uhr

easter greetings with a big!smile, buddy ... ;-))

Dietmar Mueller, 15.04.2006 um 9:08 Uhr

Romantik im Münsterland.. von Dietmar Mueller
Romantik im Münsterland..nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
14.4.06, 8:14
18 Anmerkungen

Thanks a lot!!

Happy Eastern!!
lg dietmar

Rebecca Parker, 12.04.2006 um 2:01 Uhr

Thanks for the vote Jeremy. I love the way that whenever I visit you, you have a new profile picture!

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 9.04.2006 um 23:40 Uhr

hey jermey your website is extrodinary

loved all the wedding photos, i am totally inspired by them, i will take the insipration to my first wedding, thankyou for sharing that with us.
thanks Jaime :)

Tony Jury, 1.04.2006 um 12:17 Uhr

Thanks again for your comment Jeremy.always appreciated


Anastasya Ivanova, 29.03.2006 um 17:51 Uhr

Oh cool, looks great the profile pic shows!
Regards Anastasia

Jeff Ceuppens, 27.03.2006 um 10:04 Uhr

Thanks for your comment!
Greetings from Belgium


Füsun Özler, 23.03.2006 um 19:56 Uhr

symmetry von Füsun Özler
Von Füsun Özler
20.3.06, 6:39
54 Anmerkungen

Hi Jeremy,
thank u for your sharing

Danny W. Wilson, 22.03.2006 um 23:28 Uhr

Thanks for your continuous support of my work.
COM: Brooke von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Brooke
Von Danny W. Wilson
22.3.06, 5:14
8 Anmerkungen

Valfoto, 22.03.2006 um 9:21 Uhr

Thanks for your comment on my pic Jeremy.
You are right it is an unconventional portrait ;-))))

Valfoto, 21.03.2006 um 9:27 Uhr

Thanks for your comment Jeremy

Dennis Veldman, 19.03.2006 um 16:59 Uhr

Thanks J :)


Dennis Veldman, 19.03.2006 um 16:51 Uhr

Hi J :)
Thanks for your comment on

She isnt wearing contacts :))

Ron Couwenberg, 15.03.2006 um 11:20 Uhr

Jermy, thank you so much for your kind, constructive comment.

Danny W. Wilson, 12.03.2006 um 4:03 Uhr

Thanks again for your intrest in my work.

Dietmar Mueller, 10.03.2006 um 12:16 Uhr

Thank you very much Jeremy
for your comment!!
MARINA von Dietmar Mueller
MARINAnicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
9.3.06, 13:40
15 Anmerkungen

Lg Dietmar & LARA..

Dennis Veldman, 7.03.2006 um 3:55 Uhr

Thanks again J :)


Dennis Veldman, 3.03.2006 um 1:05 Uhr

Hey J, thanks man, i love your comment.
I have looked and looked and looked some more at this photograph thinking about what i should do with it..
and for myself.. the result of the photograph is incredible too :)
I amazed myself.


Marie Alvarsson, 2.03.2006 um 18:16 Uhr

Thank You so much for welcoming me to the
FC, and for your comment.

Memo Essayeh, 1.03.2006 um 5:24 Uhr

Thanx for your encouragement..
I have to say that I'm Graphic Designer and I get the Photos with my Mobile Sony Ericsson K750i.
I'm just describe, Hope admire that.

Murat Kivrak, 26.02.2006 um 20:00 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your pleased comment. Nice to meet you.

Dennis Veldman, 26.02.2006 um 14:18 Uhr

you are one of the coolest dudes i have met here on FC.
I knew that you would like the realness of marissa.
Isnt she dropdead Gorgeous? her skin is so flawless, im sure a lot of girls would be jealous :)) She's so natural.
Love your comment and thanks for the enviroment/lighting compliment.
makes me feel proud.

Thank you for that.

Jordi Cubells, 20.02.2006 um 20:42 Uhr

Thank you for your comment.
Some times i like to give space to the pictures, but its a good valuation.

Nina- Christin, 20.02.2006 um 10:39 Uhr

Thanks for your nice comments! I checked out your pics and I have to say: you do a great job!!! I love your black/white people fotos!

Dietmar Mueller, 20.02.2006 um 7:30 Uhr

Lara.. von Dietmar Mueller
Lara..nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
19.2.06, 9:57
16 Anmerkungen

Thanks for your comments Jeremy.. have a nice day
lg dietmar

Sharen Walls, 17.02.2006 um 22:11 Uhr

Thanks for your comments Jeremy. You ought to see the original. TOTALLY different than the one i posted. Alot of trial and error. (Old Car).

Dennis Veldman, 14.02.2006 um 16:10 Uhr

Thanks J :)


Srdjan Doroski, 12.02.2006 um 23:00 Uhr

Thanks :)

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 12.02.2006 um 13:17 Uhr

Thank you for your comments.

Sakhma Reprise, 12.02.2006 um 11:14 Uhr

thanks for your comment
You've got a unique gallery
very interesting
I'll be watching it

Rick Chinelli, 11.02.2006 um 18:42 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for your comment rearding my Carnival photo.
I went to your gallery......wow. I could not stop 'till I saw every picture. Wonderful work.
ps...and what is it with this Gallery voting? 'Breanna' was a wonderful and incredible photo. One comment I noticed said ...'no, no, both eyes are not in focus'.
Pretty picky customers! Anyway...so much for the opinions of others. Our hearts bare our truth.
Rick Chinelli

Margo Perend, 11.02.2006 um 13:23 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
thanks for your comment.
COM: enter the light von Margo Perend
COM: enter the light
Von Margo Perend
11.2.06, 3:09
5 Anmerkungen

Sharen Walls, 8.02.2006 um 17:08 Uhr

Thanks Jeremy for your kind words. I'll be checking in with your work to see what you have done. To see more of my work go to my website. www.sharenwalls.com
Thanks Again.

Dietmar Mueller, 8.02.2006 um 16:52 Uhr

Unterwegs.. von Dietmar Mueller
Unterwegs..nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
7.2.06, 10:08
3 Anmerkungen

conservation in Kairo von Dietmar Mueller
conservation in Kaironicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
7.2.06, 10:26
5 Anmerkungen

hallo Jeremy.. Thanks a lot!!

Lg dietmar

Anastasya Ivanova, 6.02.2006 um 13:39 Uhr

Thanks so much Jeremy.

Regards Anastasia

Sergio Pessolano, 5.02.2006 um 12:26 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Where Are You Going?". Yes, it is the original sky. I only used Neat Image to remove the noise.
Have a great week.

Dennis Veldman, 4.02.2006 um 19:01 Uhr

Hello Jeremy! How have you been? everything allright?

I wanted to thank you for your comment on "The Stare"

Greets and talk to you soon!

Tomas Engström, 30.01.2006 um 18:33 Uhr

Thank you for tour comment. When I look at your pictures, the comment becomes even more appreciated.

Roman Bambura, 21.01.2006 um 10:54 Uhr

Thank you for good words about my works.
Best regards Roman

Florin Novac, 21.01.2006 um 9:39 Uhr

Thank you Jeremy for your comment to my photo
COM: i'm not ready! von Florin Novac
COM: i'm not ready!
Von Florin Novac
20.1.06, 20:41
3 Anmerkungen

greetings from Italy

Katalin Kiszaly, 20.01.2006 um 8:24 Uhr

Dear Jeremy,
Thank you for your comment!

Rob Brydon, 19.01.2006 um 10:41 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, love the oasis shot. Can you tell me what shutter speed you use to get water looking like that? Cheers..Rob (NZ)

Josep A. Collado, 19.01.2006 um 7:02 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you very much for the comment on my pic.
Greetings from València
El pastor - The shepherd von Josep A. Collado
El pastor - The shepherd
Von Josep A. Collado
18.1.06, 6:04
7 Anmerkungen

Richard Waldron, 18.01.2006 um 16:06 Uhr

Thanks Jeremy for the WOW comment. Much appreciated.

Dietmar Mueller, 18.01.2006 um 12:59 Uhr

Jenni in Münster... von Dietmar Mueller
Jenni in Münster...nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
16.1.06, 12:09
10 Anmerkungen

Anna von Dietmar Mueller
Annanicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
21.1.06, 0:21
8 Anmerkungen

Thanks a lot Jeremy
Lg Dietmar

Quantxx, 18.01.2006 um 0:24 Uhr

Thanks a lot Jeremy
Sleeping awake von Quantxx
Sleeping awakenicht in Diskussion
Von Quantxx
17.1.06, 10:53
5 Anmerkungen

Dennis Veldman, 17.01.2006 um 15:29 Uhr

Hey J, Thank you for your comment on "Golden"

Milan Bystron, 16.01.2006 um 19:56 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks you for your comment on my picture. I like where you likes my photography. Greeting from Czech Republic sends Milan Bystron :)

Dietmar Mueller, 14.01.2006 um 8:32 Uhr

Sehnsucht... von Dietmar Mueller
Sehnsucht...nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
12.1.06, 11:08
11 Anmerkungen

Sophia von Dietmar Mueller
Sophianicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
13.1.06, 8:00
4 Anmerkungen

Sonja.. von Dietmar Mueller
Sonja..nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
10.1.06, 10:27
11 Anmerkungen

hi jeremy

Thanks for your comment !!& the kind words on my Fotos!!

Lg dietmar

Stefanos Lampridis, 12.01.2006 um 22:08 Uhr

Thanks for your comment Jeremy!!!
Always happy to hear from you!

Ini Ikpe, 12.01.2006 um 4:17 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for your kind words on my"Are you talking to me?" picture. I just checked out your work and i must say it is inspiring. I hope to develop technique as good as yours.

Celal Tayar, 11.01.2006 um 20:57 Uhr

loool hehe...thx j.. no, that aren`t mine....
maybe in some years... ;-))))


Steve N.S., 8.01.2006 um 20:38 Uhr

very pleasing account - your portraits are right on my taste
will observe you`re pictures - ;)))

Dietmar Mueller, 8.01.2006 um 7:54 Uhr

Hi, Jeremy!

Sonja.. von Dietmar Mueller
Sonja..nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
10.1.06, 10:27
11 Anmerkungen

ob er wohl kommt..." ? von Dietmar Mueller
ob er wohl kommt..." ?nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
10.1.06, 11:28
9 Anmerkungen

Thanks a lot!!
LG Dietmar & Rafaela

Robert L. Roux, 7.01.2006 um 14:12 Uhr

Hi Buddy
Nashville Cats take super photos -
clear as country water ... :-)
Thanks! for all your support, and maybe someday I'll get a long enough holiday to get down that way again with my camera and some Mountain Dew.
Your friend a few clicks to the north - R

Sasha Cherny, 6.01.2006 um 22:05 Uhr

Hi, Jeremy!

You have a beautiful gallery. I wonder if I can ever learn to do such wonderful portraits. Yours are just perfect. keep on doing them)


Sergio Pessolano, 6.01.2006 um 13:06 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Barbie". In that area this kind of performances are rather usual. The doll, the eyeglasses, the whistle, the beard represent all the so called "fetish", the main element in the voo doo magical culture, the main in those areas.

Steve N.S., 6.01.2006 um 11:34 Uhr

like "your" kind of expression in your pictures
especially your portraits
...will come back here .... regds

Carlos Ordas, 6.01.2006 um 8:52 Uhr

Thank you for comment about my pic " En peligro de extinción" . Cheers


Dietmar Mueller, 5.01.2006 um 10:52 Uhr

Prag.. von Dietmar Mueller
Prag..nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
3.1.06, 10:38
11 Anmerkungen

Thanks a Lot!!!

LG Dietmar

Valfoto, 5.01.2006 um 2:03 Uhr

Thank you for your comment about my pic "Fire"
Greetings, Manuel

Kalyan Mukherjee, 2.01.2006 um 18:02 Uhr

Thanks for your comment jeremy! And nice that you like my photo.

Milan Bystron, 2.01.2006 um 11:21 Uhr

Hallo Jeremy, thank you behind commentary on my photograph. Invite you to visit web pages fore Czech photographer Radovan Schmuckler http://radovan.schmucker.cz
, which photography nature in industrial zone paies several years. Apologies my springer English. Happy New Year :)

Gülbin Özdamar, 30.12.2005 um 8:02 Uhr

thank you jeremy...

Dietmar Mueller, 28.12.2005 um 7:58 Uhr

Christine von Dietmar Mueller
Christinenicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
28.12.05, 5:59
11 Anmerkungen

Britta.. 2005 von Dietmar Mueller
Britta.. 2005nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
27.12.05, 22:29
7 Anmerkungen

LG dietmar& Christine

Danny W. Wilson, 28.12.2005 um 7:55 Uhr

Thanks again! :)

Ronny Couwenberg, 27.12.2005 um 23:29 Uhr

Thank you Jeremy, for taking time and give comment. Ron

Kinga Duchnowska, 25.12.2005 um 15:31 Uhr

and one more time ... :)
thank you

Kinga Duchnowska, 25.12.2005 um 14:16 Uhr

thanks one more time :)
smoking area von Kinga Duchnowska
smoking area
Von Kinga Duchnowska
17.12.05, 1:53
17 Anmerkungen


Richard Waldron, 24.12.2005 um 13:21 Uhr

Thanks again Jeremy. Happy Christmas. I will now promote Breanna.

Evie Colleran, 24.12.2005 um 3:44 Uhr

Hello Jeremy,
Thanks for the kind words.. Happy Holidays.. Evie.

Jürgen Klukas, 23.12.2005 um 19:26 Uhr



Dietmar Mueller, 23.12.2005 um 1:40 Uhr


Anna,.. am Schloß in Münster... von Dietmar Mueller
Anna,.. am Schloß in Münster...nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
22.12.05, 10:38
10 Anmerkungen

LG Dietmar

Ronny Couwenberg, 22.12.2005 um 16:20 Uhr

Thank you again for appreciating my photo " A family stroll". Ron

Ronny Couwenberg, 22.12.2005 um 16:14 Uhr

Jeremy, thanks!! for your kind comment.. Ron

Ognjen Spasojevic, 22.12.2005 um 13:11 Uhr

I can see that your portfolio has many great pictures, but some of them are ordinary but i love that , because i see that you know the job and you love to take pictures of people that you love and things that makes you happy!! Great! It seems that you are great man! Go on with fantasic work! Regards from Serbia! Ognjen.

Victor Servián, 22.12.2005 um 12:29 Uhr

Gracias por los comentarios vertidos. Aparte, sos todo un maestro en retratos de personas, lastima que no dees un curso sobre ello, podria aprender mucho de ti. Saludos.

Jürgen Klukas, 22.12.2005 um 11:50 Uhr

Thank´s for your Comments


Peter Kis kalóz, 22.12.2005 um 9:36 Uhr

Hi Jeremy! Thank you for your comment on my nightmare!:) Best wishes:Peter

Dietmar Mueller, 20.12.2005 um 20:39 Uhr

Merry Christmas von Dietmar Mueller
Merry Christmasnicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
18.12.05, 18:50
11 Anmerkungen


LG Dietmar

Rob Brydon, 20.12.2005 um 5:31 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your comments on my Calendula Daisy, and other images. I've just had a quick look at your work. Gives me somethinmg to aspire to. I'll keep an eye on it..Cheers..Rob (NZ)

Sergio Pessolano, 19.12.2005 um 7:59 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "The Tribesman". I really enjoy your comment.

HermannK, 18.12.2005 um 15:25 Uhr

Thanks 4 your positive comment to my photo "Me in black and white"!
Have a nice Sunday ;)

Dr Faisal, 18.12.2005 um 11:27 Uhr

Hi Jeremy. Thank you for the comments made at my pix: "The last pose...". You are right... the headsman do gave us something to remmember by...
Dr Faisal

Stefanos Lampridis, 16.12.2005 um 22:07 Uhr

Hello again Jeremy! Always glad to see a comment from you!
COM: ck_020 von Stefanos Lampridis
COM: ck_020
Von Stefanos Lampridis
16.12.05, 0:06
12 Anmerkungen

Ronny Couwenberg, 16.12.2005 um 10:33 Uhr


Ronny Couwenberg, 16.12.2005 um 10:32 Uhr

Jeremy, thank you for your commment. Macro, Shutter speed 1/100, aperture F4.0. The background was slightly lighter, i added +10 contrast in Photoshop, so it became
darker. That's it. Thanks again.

Milan Bystron, 16.12.2005 um 7:08 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, i thank you for your comment of my picture Way to Light! ... :)

Peter Kis kalóz, 16.12.2005 um 5:26 Uhr

Hi Jeremy!
Thank you fo your nice comment. Best regards:Peter

DIANA DAVIDSON, 16.12.2005 um 0:30 Uhr

: ) backatcha

Dietmar Mueller, 15.12.2005 um 17:00 Uhr

Rafaela,, von Dietmar Mueller
Rafaela,,nicht in Diskussion
Von Dietmar Mueller
15.12.05, 11:33
4 Anmerkungen

hi Jeremy
Thank for your compliment.---!!
LG dietmar

Ronny Couwenberg, 15.12.2005 um 11:49 Uhr

Thanks again Jeremy for your kind comment.


Kinga Duchnowska, 14.12.2005 um 16:31 Uhr

Thank you for the comments on "Low Key" and "Sadness".

Kind Regards. :)

Ronny Couwenberg, 14.12.2005 um 12:58 Uhr

Thank for your compiment. I really appreciate it.

Danny W. Wilson, 14.12.2005 um 3:52 Uhr

Thanks again for you kind comments :)
COM: Crystal 7 von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Crystal 7
Von Danny W. Wilson
14.12.05, 3:22
11 Anmerkungen

Peter Kis kalóz, 14.12.2005 um 2:19 Uhr

Thank you Jeremy! Peter

Tessa Beckenbauer, 13.12.2005 um 17:50 Uhr

COM: My Brother von Tessa Beckenbauer
COM: My Brother
Von Tessa Beckenbauer
12.12.05, 20:18
2 Anmerkungen

Gülbin Özdamar, 13.12.2005 um 9:10 Uhr

Hi, jeremy
I am happy for your comment about my photos,
thank you
take it easy,

Sergio Pessolano, 13.12.2005 um 7:58 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "The Shaman". I really enjoy your comment.

Marc Erpelding, 19.11.2005 um 8:10 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
Well thanks again for your extensive comments. I have to say I am really flattered that you like my work, as I think that your work is really excellent. All of your pictures are of a very high esthetic level regardless whether you take still lifes, portraits or nature pics. I am very impressed.
Great work,

Richard Waldron, 14.11.2005 um 20:06 Uhr

Thanks for the comment again. I think I have said how much I liked your Breanna pic. The rest are good too. It is nice to have an English speaking buddy.

Dragomir Vukovic, 14.11.2005 um 4:16 Uhr

Thank you Jeremy

Holger H. Hansen, 12.11.2005 um 11:40 Uhr

Howdy Jeremy,

you have great (the marriage father) and funny stuff here. I like this uncomfortable series. The alligator gives me nightmares ;-)


Danny W. Wilson, 10.11.2005 um 3:31 Uhr

Thanks again!

COM: Self Portrait von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Self Portrait
Von Danny W. Wilson
30.10.05, 0:49
18 Anmerkungen

John St John., 2.11.2005 um 14:17 Uhr

Thanks for the comments on my work and thank you for sharing your portrait absolutely stunning. John

Cristina Simao, 31.10.2005 um 15:19 Uhr


Thank you so much for your comment. Felt honored with it, specially after having seen your fantastic work!

I wish I´ll get there, someday.


Dennis Maloney, 30.10.2005 um 14:49 Uhr

Thank you very much for the info on these things...I realy like your photos...the one "Expecting" is very good...your pictures show a sensitivity that helps make them so great, just keep it up...den

Jörn Dewald, 30.10.2005 um 14:03 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,

Breanna looks like a Elb from Lord of the rings! Beutyful!

Cindy Martin, 30.10.2005 um 13:30 Uhr

thanks for the nice comment on my photo island Delight.. I just got back from a cruise to the virgin islands, this was taken in st. john ..such an awesome place,,,cindy

Louise Xcarlette, 28.10.2005 um 21:24 Uhr


GRAHAM ROLLINGS, 27.10.2005 um 17:18 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the kind comments re my beach photo, I've just learnt how to crop and resize my photos and had a worry that I'd gone alittle too far, so your comments are much appreciated.


Michelle Dhillon, 22.10.2005 um 17:30 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, you have some amaing pics, thanx also for the comment on cousins. I agree with you, it would have been better presented if larger, appreciate your point of view.
Ciao =)

Peta Lisle, 11.10.2005 um 14:10 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, your portraiots are amazing, I really like you profile shot, has alot of power in it. regards Peta

Regs Ray, 9.10.2005 um 15:25 Uhr

Hi Jeremy!
your pics are great!
thanks for your comment

Danny W. Wilson, 8.10.2005 um 3:16 Uhr

Thanks Jeremy!
I greatly appreciate your comments and your opinion.
COM: Crystal 5 von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Crystal 5
Von Danny W. Wilson
8.10.05, 0:02
11 Anmerkungen

Tony Dean, 7.10.2005 um 9:46 Uhr

thanks again Jeremy I dont know where you find the time to make all the nice comments.
you are a awesome photographer.
thanks heaps

Donna Richens, 6.10.2005 um 22:15 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, thank you for your comment, it's nice to get some feed back. I love your work i like portraits with shadowing and highlights and you are very good at that. Your profile picture is very good too!

Elaine Lyness, 5.10.2005 um 23:35 Uhr

thanks for the comment and i love your work especially suspension bridge

Danny W. Wilson, 5.10.2005 um 3:53 Uhr

Thanks again!

Donald Shapiro, 2.10.2005 um 4:06 Uhr

Hi Jeremy - want to thank your for your comment on "What?" I am amazed by the range, expertise and sensitivity demonstrated by your work, therefore all the more appreciative you noticed.

Tony Dean, 1.10.2005 um 4:52 Uhr

thanks for the comment on my rugby photo.
I love that portriat of breanna you did.

Chris Stevens, 30.09.2005 um 12:36 Uhr

hey jeremy....thanks for the flattering comment on my picture...its nice to know my work can be appreciated by others!
i love you work aswell...its so clean and crisp!


John Bennett, 30.09.2005 um 11:22 Uhr

Hi Jeremy thanks for your comments on "American Cemetary" this place is huge what with the crosses and the insciptions of the thousands of young men engraved along a wall who were lost in world war 2. This place amazingly represents only a quarter of the total Number who were based in this county region of cambrideshire alone. The rest of the bodies were ship home to there loved ones.
With kind regards John.

Rebecca Parker, 29.09.2005 um 13:14 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, Thanks for stopping by and looking at my pics. Your picture "Breanna" is one of my most favourites on fc.

Danny W. Wilson, 28.09.2005 um 23:13 Uhr

Thanks again!
COM: Mesha 4352 von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Mesha 4352
Von Danny W. Wilson
24.9.05, 5:30
19 Anmerkungen

Helga Eiríksdóttir, 27.09.2005 um 13:34 Uhr

Thank you Jeremy, for your nice comment on my pic "sunset at grotta". I like your photos alot especially the portraits.
Best wishes from Iceland!

Tudor C., 27.09.2005 um 12:47 Uhr

thanks for your comment. i really like your "canon balls". it's quite a composition.


Luis Andres Hernandez, 27.09.2005 um 5:13 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,

I do appreciatte your feedback on my "thoughts" picture.
By the way your porftolio has some very nice pictures, th e one I like more "Cannon balls", excelent


Luis Andres

Mónica Pereira, 26.09.2005 um 15:51 Uhr

Hello Jeremy!
Thank you for your comment about my photo "Me and my moto".
Love your work :)
Mónica from Portugal.

Liz Collet, 26.09.2005 um 12:53 Uhr

Hi Jeremy....
thanks for Your kind comment
Solitaire Speciale Verde von Liz Collet
Solitaire Speciale Verdenicht in Diskussion
Von Liz Collet
26.9.05, 0:02
5 Anmerkungen

I gave a glance to Your collection and found a smyll collection but fine in it's "members"... the Papillon is my favorite among them...
chG Liz

Rafael Cor, 25.09.2005 um 7:26 Uhr

Jeremy, Hi from Mexico and thanks for your comments. I like your work andd you have a intresting pictures.


Romina Anzulovich, 24.09.2005 um 4:45 Uhr

Thanks for your comments!!!!!! I really love your style!!!!


Dean Linder, 17.09.2005 um 9:09 Uhr

Wow what a diverse gallery, your photos are great! I really appreciate your comment on my photo "ALEGRIA", hope to see more of your works!


Maria Kyselicova, 15.09.2005 um 9:08 Uhr

Thanx for your nice words.
I take a journey to your works and I have to said - excellent !
Very different ideas with very strong individual style...
I love your pic, welcome to my buddies. :-)


André Finken, 13.09.2005 um 9:57 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,

i hope your photos bee seen and criticized by many humans.
Greetings from Germany

Cindy Martin, 13.09.2005 um 1:45 Uhr

thanks again for a very nice comment on my photo.. cindy

Adinda Gosal, 11.09.2005 um 18:56 Uhr

dear Jeremy'...a "Big Thanks" for your Vote & Comments on my picture'... : )
...the one that has been selected for the gallery!!!... thankyouthankyouthankyou'...
owh my GOD!...I'm so HAPPY!... ;D


Cindy Martin, 9.09.2005 um 2:00 Uhr

thank you for the nice comment on my photo of Looking Out..you have many beautiful shots yourself,,cindy

Dennis Veldman, 9.09.2005 um 1:35 Uhr

Hi Jeremy, i wanted to say thanks for your comments,

Stefanos Lampridis, 6.09.2005 um 14:38 Uhr

Thank you for your comment on my "dreamin'" picture. I like your photos very much, you have a unique style!
Greetings from Greece!!!

Celal Tayar, 5.09.2005 um 18:24 Uhr

hi thanks jeremy for your comment on my pic " the flamingo model" your critical piont of view helps much, thanks a lot....i will try the way, to flip one of the pics leftside or rightside horizontaly....the borders aren`t well done, too....

Carolin N., 3.09.2005 um 18:43 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
thanks for your comment.
Your photos are great. Go ahead.

Greetings from Germany, Caro

Celal Tayar, 3.09.2005 um 17:13 Uhr

hi jeremey....
thanks a lot for ur comment on my pic
"right by your side"
i would like to added you as my buddy....
i hope you dont mind...?!?!
best wishes from germany to jeremy :-))

Dean Linder, 31.08.2005 um 6:56 Uhr

Hi Jeremy thanks for your comment, your photos are very stylish and clean cut, in an amazing way!!!
thanks again, and hope to see more!!!


Robert L. Roux, 30.08.2005 um 7:03 Uhr

Hi Buddy
Your photos are great (and thanks for stopping by mine!).
I'll be watching for more ...
Greetings from the north - R

Double thanks, Jeremy - I'm flattered

M Hilmy, 26.08.2005 um 20:49 Uhr

Thanks for your comments.

Celal Tayar, 26.08.2005 um 8:46 Uhr

hi jeremy....
thanks for ur comment at my pic..pink drop....
cool, you saw that i`ve keeping the clarity on the water drop.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 26.08.2005 um 7:18 Uhr

thanks for your comment on my TAP photo jeremy, love your work cant waitr to see more
jaime ;)

Celal Tayar, 25.08.2005 um 23:21 Uhr

hi Jeremy....
thanks a lot about ur comment.....i will and wish to do it a lilltle more better...`cause ur opinoin is right....i`ve saw the same....but nothing at all...thanks
greetings 2 u

Sandra Faust, 25.08.2005 um 7:44 Uhr

That's right, he has photos online, viewable in .com, because they are not uploaded in the world section. BUT all of you have a GLOBAL BUTTON. Click it orange and you can see and comment his pictures!

Jeremy, I found some really good shots on your account. My favorite so far are the cannon balls.
So long Buddy :-)

Regards from Xiamen, China,

Susanne D. Schmidt, 24.08.2005 um 1:37 Uhr

Iám sorry but when I came to see view pictures of you. I didn`t find any,but I know why. Iám not registered for the world channel. I`am sorry when I cost confusions.

Susanne D. Schmidt, 24.08.2005 um 0:58 Uhr

why don´t you have any photos online?

Viki Hae, 22.08.2005 um 13:24 Uhr

hi jeremy!
thanks for your comment at my flower picture!

have a nice day!

Wilhelm Harlander, 16.08.2005 um 22:36 Uhr

Servus Jeremy,

viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City


Elaine Lyness, 11.08.2005 um 0:58 Uhr

love your work, and thanks for looking at mine

Danny W. Wilson, 9.08.2005 um 3:56 Uhr

Greetings from Missouri!
Thank you for the kind comments concerning my work.
COM: Crystal 1 von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Crystal 1
Von Danny W. Wilson
5.7.05, 22:34
10 Anmerkungen

COM: Crystal 2 von Danny W. Wilson
COM: Crystal 2
Von Danny W. Wilson
5.7.05, 22:41
12 Anmerkungen

Peter Mertz, 4.08.2005 um 11:06 Uhr

Hi Jeremy,
I would like to say welcome to the fotocommunity.
Go ahead and find new friends they will share
the photography with you.

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