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Susie Q

Free Mitglied, Hobart

Über mich

Thank you for taking the time to view my image(s) - it's much appreciated.

I live by the sea in the Australian state of Tasmania, a beautiful temperate island located on the edge of the Great Southern Ocean.

I'm keen to learn and I'd love feedback - please feel free to say what you think. All constructive criticism and helpful advice gratefully accepted - I readily acknowledge I have a long way to go technically and detailed feedback on how I can improve is especially welcome. Ultimately, I hope that my portfolio will over time document some progress.

Thank you once again for dropping by ...

Susie :o)


Little stars :o)

Jetty #1
Jetty #1
Susie Q

* * *
* * *
Susie Q


Kommentare 90

  • Pulex 25. November 2009, 15:43

    Long time no picture...
    LG from Germany :-)

  • Stefan S. Mosley 23. Dezember 2008, 14:57

  • Zdenek Baranek 22. Dezember 2008, 19:07

    Merry Chistmas
  • Jacqueline Chay 6. Juli 2008, 12:08

    Hi Suzie - How are you? Not seen you for a while - Hope your keeping well. Best wishes Jackie
    A picture to wish you well
  • Zdenek Baranek 26. Dezember 2007, 12:18

    Merry Chrismas and Happy new year.Zdenek
  • Francesco Margarita 4. Dezember 2007, 10:52

    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
    Francesco Margarita

    Marry Christmas and a good New Year 2008 ********
    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo 2008
    francesco margarita
  • Andrea Gasparro 14. Juli 2007, 16:34

    Grazie del commento alla mia Finestra sul mare. Ciao

  • Francesco Margarita 9. Juli 2007, 10:06

    Francesco Margarita - Pesca notturna  -
    Francesco Margarita - Pesca notturna -
    Francesco Margarita
    Surrealismo - Francesco Margarita - Borgo Marinaro - Santa Lucia -
    Surrealismo - Francesco Margarita - Borgo Marinaro - Santa Lucia -
    Francesco Margarita

    Thanks to she Susie for its kind visit in mines gallery and for appreciate its comments. hello Francisco
  • Klausi 3. Juli 2007, 16:45

    Hi Susi.
    Happy greetings from Germany. Thanks for your comment in my Profil. I am very glade about the friendly words. Now you are in my Buddie-list, because that I can in the furture see your pictures everytime only.
    Klaus from Germany.
  • Gianni Boradori 30. Juni 2007, 14:07

    Many thanhs Susie for your visit to my pics!

  • Andrej Nagode 3. Juni 2007, 7:17

    Hi Susi,
    I like your work very much! You're talented and have great eye for composition.
    Kind Regards,
  • Zdenek Baranek 26. Mai 2007, 18:18

    Thanks very much for your visits.Cheers,Zdenek
  • Marcin Cieplucha 11. April 2007, 23:31

    Hi Susie,
    I'm really glad to hear from another pinhole aficionado! This is a great tool for somebody with the heart of impressionist, I think. For me pinhole is an aura-extractor, it gets the charm and mystery out of simple things. Waiting to see more obscura work of yours!
  • Sandro Libra 10. April 2007, 13:36

    Grazie Susie, ciao
    ferrovia 5
    ferrovia 5
    Sandro Libra
  • Massimo Camocardi 10. April 2007, 9:04

    Cara Susie
    your landscapes are truly extraordinary!!!
  • Robert L. Roux 10. April 2007, 8:37

    easter greetings, a little late,
    but with a smile
    from your friend up over ... ;-))
    salut robert
  • Rob Brydon 10. April 2007, 8:33

    Strong breeze
    Strong breeze
    Rob Brydon
    Always happy to put a smile in your Aussie day.....cheers..Rob
  • Der Westzipfler 19. März 2007, 13:58

    Hallo, Susie,
    thank you very much for your kindly comment and your nice congratulations to:

    Der Westzipfler

    It was as pleasure for me to read your words from the so far away and fascinating fifth continent! ,.-))

    Kind greetings drom Aachen (Germany) to Australia, Markus 8-))
  • vincent herry 14. März 2007, 13:46

    TQ for the comment!
  • Thierry Burgherr 11. März 2007, 11:58

    Your monochrome landscapes are just great ! best regards - thierry
  • vincent herry 8. März 2007, 15:26

    Very dramatic landscape you've made
    warmest greetings from Bali
  • Pawel Majewski 8. März 2007, 10:01

    Thank you Susie for your kind comment

  • Sarah D. Kiefer 3. März 2007, 10:01

    susie, thank you for your comment on 'Look.' he's a sweet little guy and loved posing for the camera! glad you stopped by!
    sarah k

    image in voting:
  • Rob Brydon 26. Februar 2007, 23:29

    pussycat, pussycat
    pussycat, pussycat
    Rob Brydon
    Hi Susie, Thanks for the comment on Leo. He's all grown up now but has a great personality and keeps me company. Love your work....I'm quite envious and will add you to my buddies. Have a lovely Tasmanian day....cheers.Rob
  • Ildikó ZókaDani 21. Februar 2007, 22:56

    Enrapturing and exceptional pictures!

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