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Thank you for taking the time to view my image(s) - it's much appreciated.

I live by the sea in the Australian state of Tasmania, a beautiful temperate island located on the edge of the Great Southern Ocean.

I'm keen to learn and I'd love feedback - please feel free to say what you think. All constructive criticism and helpful advice gratefully accepted - I readily acknowledge I have a long way to go technically and detailed feedback on how I can improve is especially welcome. Ultimately, I hope that my portfolio will over time document some progress.

Thank you once again for dropping by ...

Susie :o)


Little stars :o)

Jetty #1 Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Jetty #1 Susie Q 04.02.07 88

* * * Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt * * * Susie Q 18.02.07 102


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