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Free Mitglied, Bucharest

Über mich

It started as a game, an innocent capture of what should have been a dangerous nature. It evolved as a game, a game of lights, angles, colors, contrast, messages. It is still a game, more challenging than ever!
By taking photographs I feel I have the power to steal (legally but sometimes immorally) part of the charm of my subject, and keep it only for me, in an egocentric way, as much as I want. It is an empowerment seldom offered to a simple person, a simple mortal.
By photography, I color my life more than a grey-clouded day allows me to, I give more motion to things that would normally stagnate. I give value to the surroundings, transforming everything into a world of dreams. Not just a mere string of deeds...

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  • Peter Leigh 13. Januar 2012, 9:29

    Thanks for leaving a comment..P
  • S Mattox 26. April 2010, 5:24

    I appreciate your comments and visiting my site! Take care... S
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    In The PINK
    S Mattox
  • S Mattox 26. April 2010, 5:20

    Thank you for your comment....you may be correct;) S
    Break Time
    Break Time
    S Mattox
  • Majid mehraban 12. März 2010, 21:52

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  • Magnolis 7. März 2010, 20:14

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  • Primo Fusari 1 7. März 2010, 17:21

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    Il Bitti
    Primo Fusari 1

  • vincent dagniesse 21. Februar 2010, 0:34

    hello magnolis.
    thank you very mush for your nice commant.
  • Alenka A 10. Februar 2010, 22:41

    Thank you Magnolis!
    Alenka A

  • irodeartu 9. Februar 2010, 19:52

    hey there...10x for your comments...please feel free to visit my blog when you have time :)
    best wishes ;)
  • Dinu Filipescu 8. Februar 2010, 9:07

    thank you Magnolis. Wellcome in the community and I hope to see more of your intresting fotos. See you .
  • MURAT. 26. Januar 2010, 13:19

    Herzlich Willkommen in der FC!
    Ich wünsche Dir viel Spass, nette Kontakte und viele Anmerkungen.
  • Magnolis 25. Januar 2010, 12:37

    Just trying to capture moments from various angles. distinct angles. to see more of the same thing. to enjoy. to open eyes. to catch a glimpse of life in its complex nature.

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