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Jana L.

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Über mich

who I am and what I do:
Jana, 24, student, (almost) professional hobby photographer.

For me, photography is not only about capturing memories, but it is also a way to express myself in a creative manner. It has been one of my hobbies for a long time, but since 2012 I am doing it more actively, and since 2014 with more commitment, structure and technical knowledge.
I am still busy with exploring where in the big world of photography I belong. My works generally are something out of everything - nature, portraits, little experiments.
On top of that I am not just photographing for fun, but also on different occasions and for other people. It is a nice way to earn some money with something that is a hobby and a passion of yours.
So, if you live in the Netherlands or Germany, and you want me to take pictures for you to expand my photographic (beginners) CV, feel free to contact me! :)

personal information about me:

born in Germany, studied Linguistics and now living in the Netherlands; eyes: green; freckles: present; my hair color (which gave me my name about a couple of yeays ago): constantly changing - brown, green, red, brown again, now red again...
boyfriend: I have, he’s awesome

what I like and love:
spring. elephants. sunsets. languages. candles. white chocolate. tea. TV series. Freddie Mercury. sunflowers. writing. wine. nightly walks. kids TV. love. weekends. sleeping. DVD nights. cocktails. sea food. Keith Haring. laughing babies. libraries. love letters. soap bubbles. ladybugs. spotting hearts. summer rain on warm streets. Audrey Hepburn. rainbows. breakfast in bed. Disney classics. strawberries. straws. Baileys. baking. watching people dance. lavender. skirts. flower prints. John Lennon sunglasses. beaches. success. willows. dandelions. The Sims. autumn skies. Game of Thrones. fresh self-made mint tea. owls. Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. the sound of train stations. sleeping with the cat in bed. summer nights. whats app. hats. corn flowers. bandanas. polaroids. pinterest.

what I don’t like:
clowns. exam weeks. missing someone. headache. getting up too early. twitter. money. doves. black coffee. sharks. success for not doing anything. divorces. mosquitoes. talking shit. polo shirts. the twilight movies. lipsticks. needles. silence. when the shower stays cold. being alone at night. screaming fan girls. ugg boots. fur.

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Canon EOS 1100D
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Huawei P8 Lite