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I am passionate, if not fanatic, about the Namib Desert in Namibia. It stretches along the coast of Namibia and is frequented daily by fog coming in from the Atlantic ocean in the afternoons and rolling out again in the mornings mostly accompanied by strong winds. This results in the most extraordinary light effects and an almost supernatural glow and always changing horizontal highlights. A mountain can be almost black at one moment and then glowing white the next moment. This also goes for the sand dunes, we have almost scarlet dunes in the south, beige ones in the middle and almost white ones in the north and always the play of fog and light. To those in a hurry the Namib desert will appear grey and desolate but for the sensitive and patient viewer it will unfold itself into the most uplifting scenery ranging from sublime subtleties to dramatic colour highlights. A most rewarding subject for those that are prepared to wait !
I have just changed from my very beloved Nikon F100 to digital Nikon D 700. At this stage I do not work on my photographs with Photoshop or similar programmes and submit the photographs as they were taken.

All my work has an "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED"copyright.

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  • blurola blurola , 07.10.15

    Liebe Cathy !
    Ich danke Dir ganz herzlich für deine Anmerkung zu:

    a kind of blue a kind of blue blurola 16.09.15 9

    Ich habe mich sehr darüber grefeut !
    Liebe Grüsse aus Liechtenstein

  • Dolores M. Dolores M. , 06.10.15

    POINT OF VIEW Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt POINT OF VIEW Dolores M. 26.07.15 81

    Thank you so much Cathy for your vote :-)
    Have a nice week,
    Kind regards, Dolores
    THANK YOU :-) THANK YOU :-) Dolores M. 05.10.15 17

  • Lothar Müller Lothar Müller , 05.10.15

    Hallo Cathy, habe in 2011 auch eine Staubdusche aufgenommen, war am Wasserloch Ngobib:

    Ganzkörper- Ganzkörper- Lothar Müller 05.11.11 10

    Herzliche Grüße nach Namibia, Lothar

  • Kosche Günther Kosche Günther , 02.10.15

    Paniert und gebacken sind Parasole eine Köstlichkeit.Ob es die bei Euch gibt...kann ich nicht sagen.Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Guten Morgen von Günther

    Das wurde zu einem Festschmaus... Das wurde zu einem … Kosche Günther 26.09.15 88

  • Milos Villaris Milos Villaris , 01.10.15

    Boletus speciosus Boletus speciosus Milos Villaris 30.09.15 1
    It has been not good mushroom season this year, however It was possible to find something small. These boletuses are edible but protected by law.

    BR Milos.

  • Natalia 5 Natalia 5 , 01.10.15

    Good time Cathy! Thank you for your attention to my photos! Thanks for the comments! I'm glad that my photos are liked!Good Luck To You!Sincerely,Natalia.

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 30.09.15

    Hello Cathy, thanks a lot for your visit and commenting.
    Best rgrds, Christos

    End of summer End of summer Christos Banos 29.09.15 21

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 29.09.15

    Hi Cathy and thanks for your letter. I fully agree with your comments abour our ex finance minister who ridiculed himself and the country ,of course. But it was our present stupid prime minister the one who appointed him in first place... OK! you are also right that we should turn to the pleasure of photography trying to forget some mishaps!...
    enjoy alexander

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 21.09.15

    Hi Cathy,thanks very much for your feedback. I understand your difficulties with analogue photography. I have the same but fortunately my doughter working as a photographer in London can still provide me with some films when needed especially Velvia slides that are getting scanty.I'm lucky to have an excellen film scanner(NIKON Coolscan 9000) that can produce splendid results so occasionally I go back to film.NIKON D700, D800 are good and the digital back Leaf Aptus P22(6x4,5) is special when you can carry a much heavier camera.(Mamiya AFD 645). But, to my opinion, Photoshop is a great tool in manipulating desert shots. Did you like mine from my gallery? No I'm not at all satisfied with the election results, Tsipras is an ambitious, big headed and totally ungifted politician, dedicated anti-European and pseudoleftist, a pure opportunist demagogue simply exploiting the people's hostile feelings against the previous that adopted the imposed by EEC memorandum although,at the end, he was forced to sign a much worse himself. He is a cheap "product of present times" that he will also be obliged to follow the tracks...
    friendly regards alexander

  • alexander stefanatos alexander stefanatos , 21.09.15

    Cathy,my compliments for your desert shots. They are sheer magic! Desert has always been among my favourite subjects and I really enjoyed lingering over your pictures...Thanks a lot for sharing.
    friendly alexander