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I am passionate, if not fanatic, about the Namib Desert in Namibia. It stretches along the coast of Namibia and is frequented daily by fog coming in from the Atlantic ocean in the afternoons and rolling out again in the mornings mostly accompanied by strong winds. This results in the most extraordinary light effects and an almost supernatural glow and always changing horizontal highlights. A mountain can be almost black at one moment and then glowing white the next moment. This also goes for the sand dunes, we have almost scarlet dunes in the south, beige ones in the middle and almost white ones in the north and always the play of fog and light. To those in a hurry the Namib desert will appear grey and desolate but for the sensitive and patient viewer it will unfold itself into the most uplifting scenery ranging from sublime subtleties to dramatic colour highlights. A most rewarding subject for those that are prepared to wait !
I have just changed from my very beloved Nikon F100 to digital Nikon D 700. At this stage I do not work on my photographs with Photoshop or similar programmes and submit the photographs as they were taken.

All my work has an "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED"copyright.

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  • Kosche Günther Kosche Günther , 09:11

    Maria ist immer mit dabei,wir machen alles gemeinsam und das ist das Schöne an unserer Verbindung.
    Wie Du sehen kannst,schöpft Maria aus dem vollen Narzissen Topf und gibt alles für schöne Bilder.Liebe Grüße Günther
    Was für ein herrlicher Anblick! Was für ein herrlicher… Kosche Günther 16.05.15 78

  • 8746nano 8746nano , 13.05.15

    Hallo Cathy,
    danke für "+"

  • Riff Riff , 05.04.15

    Hallo liebe Cathy,
    ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben ein frohes und sonniges Osterfest !
    LG Riff

    Ostergrüße Ostergrüße Riff 04.04.15 60

  • Mirjam Burer Mirjam Burer , 31.03.15

    thank you Cathy...but I am sure you can photograph your cats yourself with a 50 mm lens inside..

    Eddy (2) .. Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Eddy (2) .. Mirjam Burer 22.10.14 88

  • archiek archiek , 30.03.15

    HI Cathy,
    Add your own caption! Add your own captio… archiek 27.03.15 9

    I have no idea which bird is male or female. As one commenter said, the bird with its mouth open could be just wanting food. Just a fun scene. Hope you enjoyed it.

  • silvermist silvermist , 29.03.15

    White world White world silvermist 18.01.15 3

    Every time with me to the comments I am appreciate.
    Also I will do my best so that it take a photo, such as want to comment.

    Thank you so much!
    from Tokyo , Japan

  • Sue Thompson Sue Thompson , 29.03.15

    Hello Cathy,
    Many thanks for your message telling me about all of the mining that is happening. I suppose your Government will be getting money from all of the project, but somehow that does not make it right that such a different and, in its own way, beautifull area is devastated by such mining projects. It beggers belief that man can and does devastate and totally ruin great areas of outstanding beauty for the sake of money........
    I suppose when they/we have toally ruined our beautiful world, made millions and millions of pounds, dollars, whatever...... then we will realise our stupidity and rue the day.
    Let us hope that sooner raather than later, we do see sense and stop all the destruction..... but I very much doubt that it will happen.

    Take care

  • aixoise aixoise , 25.03.15

    Apothéose....!! Apothéose....!! aixoise 23.03.15 29
    Mille MERCI ..!!
    Thanks Cathy for your visit !!!.
    amts marie

  • Milos Villaris Milos Villaris , 25.03.15

    Pulsatilla grandis Pulsatilla grandis Milos Villaris 23.03.15 5
    Maybe they were little bit frightened, because it is early for them, they only started growing. :-)
    BR Milos.

  • Kosche Günther Kosche Günther , 25.03.15

    Über diesen herrlichen Anblick freue ich mich alle Jahre und es werden immer mehr,liebe Grüße Günther

    Nehmt Euch soviel Ihr nur wollt... Nehmt Euch soviel Ih… Kosche Günther 21.03.15 97