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World Mitglied, Beirut

Über mich

I have been taking pictures for more than 40 years when I entered the American University of Beirut where I founded with some friends the Photographic Club Of A.U.B. My love for photography has taken me a long way since and I am very happy with what I have actives to-date. I love constructive comments and would like to give my own.

Kommentare 241

  • Adele Oliver 26. Oktober 2016, 8:30

    many thanks for your visit and appreciation of my photos, Muhammad .... I am still admiring your images |!!!|
    greetings from across the ocean,
  • Ugo pitzalis 20. April 2016, 2:18

    Grazie Zem..
  • Adele Oliver 8. März 2016, 21:31

    greetings, Muhammad - I see your images in the Nature Channel every day and am impressed with your work with both the landscapes and animals ... the series from the American parks is really fantastic and my compliments !!!!
    thank you for your visit and comment, I appreciate it a lot !!!
    best regards,
  • norma ateca 12. Februar 2016, 7:59

    Danke Muhammad , z.Zeit bin ich wenig am comput, sorry !!. Diese Gruppe ist ein russises Tanzgruppe hier in Germany . Liebe Grüße Norma
  • Pitsavasg 21. Januar 2016, 18:19

    Congrats my friend. Beautiful pictures
  • norma ateca 29. November 2015, 4:22

    Thank you Muhammad I wisch the same for you !! Norma
  • Harald Ferber 28. September 2015, 20:30

    Thank you very much!
    Greetings Harald

    Nahomi im Abendlicht
    Nahomi im Abendlicht
    Harald Ferber
  • norma ateca 8. September 2015, 19:41

    Thank you dear Muhammad ,I m pity that I cannot write you english . greetings Norma
  • norma ateca 11. August 2015, 8:45

    Thank you dear Muhammad . also i wisch you a nice day greetings Norma
  • norma ateca 5. August 2015, 12:38

    Thank you very much greetings Norma
  • jochem dengler 5. August 2015, 11:36

    You have very nice shots in your portfolio.
    jochem dengler

    Greetings Jochem
  • norma ateca 22. Juli 2015, 18:28

    Thank you very much dear Muhammad . Greetings Norma
  • Harald Ferber 16. Juni 2015, 15:47

    Thank you very much!!!
    Regards Harald

    Black Eyes
    Black Eyes
    Harald Ferber
  • Harald Ferber 17. Mai 2015, 16:05

    Thanks a lot, Zman!
    Regards Harald

    Juanita on the rocks
    Juanita on the rocks
    Harald Ferber
  • Tania Skaradek 17. Mai 2015, 14:45

    Thanks for all your comments, my friend!
    Have a nice Sunday:-)
    Best regards
    Wild... and bold
    Wild... and bold
    Tania Skaradek

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