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Free Mitglied, Moscow

Über mich

Valerij hat noch keine Angaben über sich gemacht.

Kommentare 75

  • Andrej Nagode 25. Dezember 2009, 17:09

  • Lena Zak 7. Oktober 2008, 16:14

    Hi Valerij,
    thank you very much for your visit and for your nice comment.
  • Stefan Huebener 24. Dezember 2007, 10:45

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

    Regards Stefan
  • true colours 24. Dezember 2007, 1:24

  • Francesco Margarita 4. Dezember 2007, 14:12

    francesco margarita
  • CsomorLászló 20. November 2007, 18:49

    Thanks a lot for your nice comments, opinion and critic Valerij.Mindig örömmel olvasom a véleményed!
  • CsomorLászló 13. September 2007, 20:46

  • Abdul Halim Ab Rahman 4. September 2007, 7:49

    Hi Valerij,

    Yes, Dubai now very high Humidity. So far my camera O.K but I will send it for service in a few months.

    Abdul Halim.
  • Jacqueline Chay 12. August 2007, 5:31

    Hi Valerij - Thank you for your comment on my pic I like horizons in horizontal format too, but i couldnt resist this shot and i think it worked quite well. Regards Jackie
  • Raimondo Photo 11. August 2007, 20:19

    Ciao Valerij
    no, it's not a HDR !
    Its a freehand made autostich !
    stiching 6 images
    The Original has 24M

    thanks for your comments !
  • Cor van den Doel 23. Juli 2007, 15:18

    Thank you for your comment :-))

    Regards, Cor
  • Kedi 23. Juli 2007, 10:16

    Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment! An i agree, cat are so perfect that i can't stop my self shooting them... :)
    Best wishes :)
  • Karsten Zepner 19. Juli 2007, 14:52

    Hi Valerij,
    Wow, great pics from Moscow. I would give a lot for a shooting over there. Thanks for taking the time to comment my photo! Greetings from Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Matthias Krieg 18. Juli 2007, 22:29

    Hi Valerji,
    thank you for your comment.
    We were there with a car and a distance of about 8-10 meters. It was a great experience to see that.
    greets to russia,
  • Torsten Hellfritz 12. Juli 2007, 21:33

    Hello Valerji,
    I am happy about your comment under my picture

    Many thanks and greetings to Russia

  • Stefan Huebener 10. Juli 2007, 18:13

    Hey,Valerji !

    Thank´s for your first comment,here my newest pic
    from CAC Valencia in Spain.Sorry,it looks like as
    a DRI but it isn´t one.

    Regards STEFAN
  • Doug Hough 9. Juli 2007, 23:52

    Hi Valerij, Thank you for your kind comments on "A Quiet Place." Your thoughts are appreciated. Best Wishes, Doug
  • Danny W. Wilson 8. Juli 2007, 23:38

    Thank you for your kind comments concerning my work.
  • Helmut - Winkel 8. Juli 2007, 13:21

    Hi Valerii,
    and thanks for your coments on my pics....
    Greetings from Germany, Helmut

  • Lorraine Larochelle 8. Juli 2007, 12:15

    Thanks Valerij visiting my picture
  • Joseph Eastman 8. Juli 2007, 9:36

    Thank you so much for your comment Valerij... it is really flattering when comes from somebody with such kind of experience and photographic eye.
    Regards from Houston, TX.
  • S u s a n n e K 7. Juli 2007, 18:35

    Dear Valerij,
    thanks so much for you comments to my photos of "Monument Valley"... Wanted to take a look at your pictures, but somehow its not possible, don't know why,
    so again thanks a lot and best wishes
  • Rheinbild 7. Juli 2007, 1:11

    Thank you for your comment to

    I was surprised to get one from Russia. Your Photos are great ! I will take the time to view them all. Good work.
    BTW, I think it is allowed to take photos there, but I didn´t ask. It is forbidden at the gamling desks because of safety rules, but no problem elsewere.
    br Rheinbild
  • artofben 2. Juli 2007, 20:09

    Hello Valerij. Thank you for your comment for this picture, Your photos and nighttime HDR panoramas are fantastic and perfect. I think, I need your advices, to make HDR fotos.
    Bye Ralf
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