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I have been photographing for many years, at first in the old-fashioned way with film and chemicals, nowadays digitally.
From the beginning of 2006 i have been working as a freelance photographer, lately also regularly for one of the larger Dutch Newsagencies Novum/Reuters. Nowadays parttime while i also work for a company selling and advising photographic equipment.
Over the years i have slowly changed my main intrest to street- and travelphotography, one reason why i lately decided to make a mayor equipment change and start to use compact system camera's. I now use 2 Fujifilm X-T1 bodies with several different lenses.

I am also one of the admins here at Fotocommunity, for the International channel.

I do most of my processing in Lightroom 5

For my B+W photography i use NIK filters ( Silver Efex Pro ) ( Color Efex ) and Snapseed for Win.

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  • giral giral , 26.01.15

    j'ai oublié de vous dire que j'ai retiré ma photo .peut être que fotocommunity me donnera un tirage supplémentaire

  • giral giral , 26.01.15

    Bonjour monsieur
    je n'avais vraiment aucune intentions de nuire à qui que ce soit; j'ai exposé cette photo sans me douter un seul instant qu'elle pourrait provoquer 1 telle réaction; Au fond je suis inconscient d'être aussi naïf

    monsieur Giral simple petit photographe

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 24.11.14

    Hoi Ruud, bedankt voor je reactie en goede wensen bij mijn laatste upload vlak voor mijn pols operatie. De operatie is een 100% succes en ik heb nu een nieuwe pols. Nu rest er nog een lange revalidatie periode maar dat gaat lukken

  • Leo_nid Leo_nid , 21.12.13

  • Leo_nid Leo_nid , 06.08.13

    thanks for you visit and remarks dear Ruud
    of course you are right about the shutter setting
    my problem is that i shoot single handed because of disability in my right arm
    and fumbling with settings when taking a quick street shot is really cumbersome for me
    besides we had been walking for hours and my wife was pulling me by the sleeve, telling me we must go home

    con_ver_sation #2 con_ver_sation #2 Leo_nid 05.08.13 12

  • Inez Correia Marques Inez Correia Marques , 30.12.12

    2013 2013 Inez Correia Marques… 29.12.12 0

  • Leo_nid Leo_nid , 29.12.12

    Happy New Year Happy New Year Leo_nid 29.12.12 0

  • Leo_nid Leo_nid , 21.12.12

    Season's Greetings Season's Greetings Leo_nid 21.12.12 0

  • cathy Blatt cathy Blatt , 31.12.11

    Dear Rudd, you are correct, it is a girl, now how do I change the caption on the pic, happy new year,best regards,cathy

  • cathy Blatt cathy Blatt , 24.12.11

    Dear Rudd, I see what you mean, I went by the head dress. Have forwarded the pic to a friend of mine who lives in Epupa among the Himba community, will hear what she says and come back to you, merry Christmas, cathy