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Ruud van der Lubben

Community Manager , Almere

Über mich


I have been photographing for many years, at first in the old-fashioned way with film and chemicals, nowadays digitally.
From the beginning of 2006 i have been working as a freelance photographer, lately also regularly for one of the larger Dutch Newsagencies Novum/Reuters. Nowadays parttime while i also work for a company selling and advising photographic equipment.
Over the years i have slowly changed my main intrest to street- and travelphotography, one reason why i lately decided to make a mayor equipment change and start to use compact system camera's. I now use 2 Fujifilm X-T1 bodies with several different lenses.

I am also one of the admins here at Fotocommunity, for the International channel.

I do most of my processing in Lightroom & Photoshop CC

For my B+W photography i use NIK filters ( Silver Efex Pro ) ( Color Efex ) and Snapseed for Win.

My Blog: http://vanderlubbenfotografie.wordpress.com

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Kommentare 72

  • Ram Ramkumar 7. Dezember 2015, 8:02

    Thank you for dropping by and commenting on my photo - Dance of the Gods. I just did not think about going lower down at the time - it may have given me a better perspective. Now that I think about it, perhaps there may have been more distortions with the buildings if I went lower down?
  • Glenn Capers 12. April 2015, 13:22

    Not the crutisums my friend. The simple fact you are not there. Why do you always try to start a fight.
  • Glenn Capers 12. April 2015, 12:43

    Thanks for loving my image. It's rare that you like anything. And it is always expected that you have to say something is wrong. That's obviously a god like complex in you. The shot was taken under sodium vapor Mercury lighting and yellow walls. Trying to do an auto white balance would have been pure stupid. That's because camera engineers don't know physics it's something that goes beyonund even a color light meter which I have. I love the color as it is. Psychology it expresses the state of care from the moment. Your personal take is good. Yet you did not make the human connection. In the end the camera records what is there. To change the color takes us photojournalist into the discussion that often gets one fired cooking the picture. To make it what it isn't. I would expect you to be a lot more aware of shooting conditions than you express in your comment on my page.

    What I do like is that because you didn't. You opened up the door to express a topic that photographers should talk about. Because so much color work really isn't what it was in disregard of the little thing called color shift that is always a thing of intel urial beauty.

    Take care my old friend, glad to see you haven't changed too much ,still grumpy under the cloak of of other people's good work on fotocommunity.

    Your honest friend glenn. Oh if you like I can stop sending great work to the section you seemly have power over. Just say the word. Travel is a much kinder section run by others. You know personality is everything.
  • Rob Nagelhout 24. November 2014, 14:01

    Hoi Ruud, bedankt voor je reactie en goede wensen bij mijn laatste upload vlak voor mijn pols operatie. De operatie is een 100% succes en ik heb nu een nieuwe pols. Nu rest er nog een lange revalidatie periode maar dat gaat lukken
  • Inez Correia Marques 30. Dezember 2012, 19:48

    Inez Correia Marques
  • cathy Blatt 31. Dezember 2011, 17:32

    Dear Rudd, you are correct, it is a girl, now how do I change the caption on the pic, happy new year,best regards,cathy
  • cathy Blatt 24. Dezember 2011, 19:16

    Dear Rudd, I see what you mean, I went by the head dress. Have forwarded the pic to a friend of mine who lives in Epupa among the Himba community, will hear what she says and come back to you, merry Christmas, cathy
  • K.L. Short 18. Dezember 2011, 14:09

    thank you!! my all your christmas dreams and all New years wishes came true. K.L.
  • Adrian Sommeling 21. November 2011, 17:04

    Prachtige foto's maak je Ruud. Erg mooi van compositie en dat zonder, of maar iets, na bewerking! Klasse hoor!
  • Canan Oner 13. Dezember 2010, 15:28

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.......
    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.......
    Canan Oner
  • Marius Bothma 7. Dezember 2010, 9:39

    Marius Bothma
    Yes you are right, i don't know why it landed in that section. Thank you for noting it.
  • ksteffi 5. Dezember 2010, 13:07

    thanks for the welcoming words. I will take care of all your proposals and advices.
    have a nice xmas time

    regards from Nuremberg, Germanys
  • Emir Hadzidervisagic Roki 1. Dezember 2010, 7:54

    Grazie di cuore amico pe la votazione, affettuosissimi saluti...Emir
  • Margaux Lux 12. Juni 2010, 17:54

    yes that was my brother and my sister! ;)
  • Studio Nikolaidi 27. Mai 2010, 22:52

    Hello Ruud,
    Thank you for your comment.Pelican by mistake. This is obviously a frog !
    Best wishes
    Studio Nikolaidi
  • MarcoG. 23. Mai 2010, 11:48

    Nice gallery Ruud!
    Cheers from Switzerland.
  • Lourdes Ramos 30. April 2010, 22:46

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! very much!!!!
  • Colin S Byford 5. Januar 2010, 1:30

    Thanks for stopping me embarrassing myself too much :-)
    I have replaced it with another one from the same wedding selected less hastily.

    I found the best metering point was the bride's fur stole which I used for most of the shots.

    Thanks again,

  • Lou Urlings 30. Dezember 2009, 16:47

    Schitterend werk hier van een veelzijdig fotograaf met een duidelijk eigen handschrift. Grote klasse!
  • Andrea Sagawe 28. Dezember 2009, 10:45

    Thank you for your honest comment.

    Andrea Sagawe
  • Kaith Kakavouli 27. Dezember 2009, 23:09

    wishing the best for 2010 !!!!
  • Owen McLeod 27. Dezember 2009, 17:27

    Thanks for your voting honesty (and the "middle finger" in your profile shot) ;-)... I put my picture "Thoughts of" up for a vote because when I printed it it looked 10 times better that some of the professional prints I see out there. If it makes it to the FC Gallery would be great, if not that's fine as well. Photography for me is a great hobby that I take seriously however, I am still an amateur on a learning curve. So I welcome all feedback - expecially yours; because I hope it helps and drives me to be even better.
    Happy Holiday's from Canada,
  • Maria Mylona 20. Dezember 2009, 13:57

    Season Greetings,

    Merry Christmas from White Holland :)
    Merry Christmas from White Holland :)
    Maria Mylona

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