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I have been photographing for many years, at first in the old-fashioned way with film and chemicals, nowadays digitally.
From the beginning of 2006 i have been working as a freelance photographer, lately also regularly for one of the larger Dutch Newsagencies Novum/Reuters. Nowadays parttime while i also work for a company selling and advising photographic equipment.
Over the years i have slowly changed my main intrest to street- and travelphotography, one reason why i lately decided to make a mayor equipment change and start to use compact system camera's. I now use 2 Fujifilm X-T1 bodies with several different lenses.

I am also one of the admins here at Fotocommunity, for the International channel.

I do most of my processing in Lightroom 5

For my B+W photography i use NIK filters ( Silver Efex Pro ) ( Color Efex ) and Snapseed for Win.

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