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Robert Riley

Free Mitglied, London

Über mich

The best Photographers here are the one's who make most sychophantic comments.

Honesty is NOT the best policy!

Take a bad picture, scratch it a bit, put an overlay texture over it and call it Art.

Don't bother to learn how to take a good photograph it doesn't matter.

Recycle all your old crap over and over.

Ignore the Buddy Clubs!

Go to No1 above and you will become a great Photographer, even if you can't take a good Photo.

Don't go for Gallery unless you have a lot of Buddies!

Don't listen to ME!!!

My Profile pic taken by my 7 year old Grandson Samuel with my Canon G9. He can take agood Photo!!



A Joint Effort

Another Joint Effort!!

Another Joint Effort!!!

Another Joint Effort!!!!

Another Joint Effort!!!!!




copyright note:

Very simple: please do not use my photos without my written consent.

Kommentare 496

  • Silvana W. 5. Januar 2015, 23:54

  • Leo_nid 21. Dezember 2013, 23:15

  • Michael Winkmann 5. Juli 2013, 13:08

    You have a very nice collection of photos, I like.
    I wish you a nice weekend.

    Dear greetings Michael
  • Milan Dobrojevic 16. Juni 2013, 21:58

  • Dolores M. 19. Februar 2013, 18:51

    Thank you so much Robert for your vote and appreciation !
    Wish you a nice week,
    Kind regards,
  • CarmenV 8. Februar 2013, 21:10

    Thaaaaank you Robert !! I'm so happy about the voting !! It's a great honor for me ! I'm so glad you like it ! Have a nice weekend !
  • Dolores M. 7. Februar 2013, 10:04

    Thank you Robert for your vote and appreciation!
    Have a nice day,
    Kind regards,
  • souci 4. Januar 2013, 12:12

    Hello Robert,
    many thanks for your comments!!

  • Nic Mor 3. Januar 2013, 8:50

    Grazie Robert per il tuo gradito commento! Buoni scatti a te!
  • Silvana W. 31. Dezember 2013, 14:19

    I wish you a Wonderful New Year 2013 ¡
  • Leo_nid 29. Dezember 2012, 23:39

  • JOKIST 22. Dezember 2012, 18:57

    Many thanks !!!!!!

    LG Ingrid und Hans
  • Holger Findling 21. Dezember 2012, 18:55

    Happy holidays
  • Leo_nid 21. Dezember 2012, 16:54

  • Chaoscats 6. Dezember 2012, 8:08

    Hello Robert,
    thank you so much for your vote!
  • Janet Morgan 1. Dezember 2012, 15:05

    Thank you once again for your welcome comment, Robert. I am trying to branch out a little
  • Wendy de With 1. Dezember 2012, 9:35

    Thank you for your comment! You said you would like the full color version too, so I uploaded it here in my fotohome: http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/extra/egallery/pcat/727347/display/29654768
    Kind greetings, Wendy
  • Janet Morgan 27. November 2012, 20:48

    Thank you for your praise Robert, it means a lot to me.
  • Silvana W. 23. November 2012, 1:07

    Many thanks for your comments,Robert ¡
    Best wishes
  • yoda72 23. September 2012, 18:14

    thank you
  • gabrielfuego 10. Juni 2012, 0:42

    Thanks for your comment .... Gabriel
  • gabrielfuego 10. Juni 2012, 0:39

    Thanks for your comment .... Gabriel
  • Dr. Labude 25. Mai 2012, 16:44

    What a resignative profile text. Hope i will not experience this.
  • Dolores M. 16. Mai 2012, 23:18

    Thank you so much Robert for your vote !
    Wish you a nice week again,
    Kind regards, Dolores :-)
  • Claire Laira 18. April 2012, 19:12

    Thank you Robert for the kind comment!
    Best regards, Claire