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Meine Top Fotos


Über mich


The best Photographers here are the one's who make most sychophantic comments.

Honesty is NOT the best policy!

Take a bad picture, scratch it a bit, put an overlay texture over it and call it Art.

Don't bother to learn how to take a good photograph it doesn't matter.

Recycle all your old crap over and over.

Ignore the Buddy Clubs!

Go to No1 above and you will become a great Photographer, even if you can't take a good Photo.

Don't go for Gallery unless you have a lot of Buddies!

Don't listen to ME!!!

My Profile pic taken by my 7 year old Grandson Samuel with my Canon G9. He can take agood Photo!!



Sunrise at Dooghill Mulranny. Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Sunrise at Dooghill M… Robert Riley 09.03.10 29

His and Hers Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt His and Hers Robert Riley 21.08.07 123

..DISCOVER IT - LOOK INTO MY EYES.. Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt ..DISCOVER IT - LOOK … Robert Riley 12.10.08 115

A Joint Effort

Faro 2am Faro 2am Robert Riley 27.12.11 11

Another Joint Effort!!

Body of a Woman - February Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Body of a Woman - F… Robert Riley 13.01.10 190

Another Joint Effort!!!

Body of a Woman - November Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Body of a Woman - N… Robert Riley 14.02.10 101

Another Joint Effort!!!!

Painting Das Foto wurde in die Galerie gewählt Painting Robert Riley 13.03.10 117

Another Joint Effort!!!!!




copyright note:

Very simple: please do not use my photos without my written consent.

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