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Richard Faenza

Free Mitglied, Marsaxlokk

Über mich

Hi, I am Richard Faenza from Malta.

Kommentare 26

  • Niki6 23. August 2010, 9:54

    Die Fotos von Ihnen sind ganz nett, aber ihr eingeblendete überschriebener Name stört sehr und macht den Eindruck vom Bild völlig kaputt !!
    Wesendlich schöner und eindrucksvoller wäre es ohne
    Warum so viel Misstrauen?
  • Tatiana Gutskova 25. Februar 2010, 15:13

    Thank you for your comments.
    Good luck )))
  • I Strawfish I 24. Dezember 2009, 16:50

    Merry Christmas!
  • brithiebird 17. Dezember 2009, 14:18

  • lolita cecilia 16. Dezember 2009, 23:24

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario
    Un abrazo
  • Fons van Swaal 16. Dezember 2009, 18:06

  • Canan Oner 15. Dezember 2009, 20:20

    Wish you all the best !!!
  • Flighty Furrow 1. Dezember 2009, 19:37


  • Fons van Swaal 25. November 2009, 23:24

    Thank you very much Richard for the comment.....;-))
    Best regards,
  • me.lo.drama 25. November 2009, 11:35

    Thank you but watch this, its just fantastic! Mine is just a snapshot in The shadow of this one. lg me
  • Karsten Pfanne 24. November 2009, 23:43

    Hi Richard,
    many thanks for your comment on my photo from Niagara Falls.
    Best regards, Karsten
  • Owen McLeod 24. November 2009, 23:25

    Thank you very much... My night photography is not the greatest, so I've put most of my night shots in an artistic finish to try to enhance them. Yours is my first comment on these... (They receive lots of clicks though in a very short time).
  • I Strawfish I 24. Dezember 2007, 22:50

    Merry x-mas, Best Regards and
    many thx for the comments.

    D.O. Hennig
  • Barbara Nobis 22. Mai 2006, 13:54

    Hello Richard, many many thanks for your comment. :)
  • Rupert Joseph 13. Mai 2006, 22:05

    Hallo Thanks for your Gratulations for my picture from Prag Ständetheater.
    with best regards
  • Antonio Amen 13. Mai 2006, 0:18

    Thanks again.
    All the best
  • Antonio Amen 12. Mai 2006, 23:27

    Thank you so much.
  • Hestiasari Rante 10. Mai 2006, 15:40

    Hi Richards,
    Thanks for your comment on my photo 'Maastricht at night'.
    Your photos are great. I like all of them.
    Greetings from Bremen, Hesti
  • Mohamed Awad 10. Mai 2006, 5:57

    thanks for your comment

    mohamed from egypt
  • Pseudo Payaso 9. Mai 2006, 4:18

    Thank you very much for your comments about Cathedral and Guanajuato Church, In cathedral you said that the photo would be better If I wait until they fix the domme, unfortunally this fixes require a lot of time, I think it will continue for a couple of years.
    Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great week.
  • Sergio Pessolano 5. Mai 2006, 18:55

    Ciao Richard,
    grazie per il tuo apprezzamento al mio lavoro.
  • Diana Jacobson 1. Mai 2006, 18:31

    Thank you for your kind comment on my fireworks photo. After seeing your photos, I definitely have to make a trip to Malta - even without the fireworks it is beautiful.
  • Mario Faenza 1. Mai 2006, 13:23

    hi i see your pic. nice. but ma nafx niktep sewwa.
  • Patrick Sch 30. April 2006, 19:18

    Hi Richard. thanks for your comment. I hope to see many of your images from Malta.
  • Richard Faenza 29. April 2006, 9:13

    Thanks Paul for your very warm welcome. I am sure that I am going to enjoy it here. I do like to share my photos and would be happy to recieve any comments so that I might improve my work. Thanks again and regards