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- Artist Statement from my website -
"I love photography. I love creating beautiful things. I love sharing those things with people. People I know and people I don’t know. Some people I got to know, because I share. I don’t take photos of everything. I’d rather only take a few photos but plan my time carefully. I am a frequent traveller. I love watching documentaries. I shoot Nikon. I have never taken any photography classes. I had a front cover of National Geographic once. I borrowed photography books from the local library to learn the craft. I am fascinated by beautiful landscapes. I do process my RAW files. I can call myself “award-winning photographer”. I don’t take it too seriously. I am happy when people like my photos. I do consider myself an artist. I am a German citizen. I lived in Canada for years. I use Lightroom and Photoshop. I don’t add anything or remove anything from my photos. I re-create. I visualize."

National Geographic Traveler Cover Shot
Getty Images Contributor

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