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One to On - Black & White Photography Workshop von MyFotoWorkshop

One to On - Black & White Photography Workshop

The young Polish Photographer Szymon Brodziak (born in 1979) was honored 2013 in Cannes with the "Fashion TV Photographers" award with the quote "Szymon Brodziak is one of the world best black & white campaign photographers"

Day 1:
On the first day you will meet Szymon Brodziak and his team of stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists as well as the entire team of My-Photo-Workshop. We will support you throughout the entire workshop.
As an introduction to the world of black and white photography Szymon will initially show a selection of photographs and video`s from some of his black and white campaigns. In this context, Szymon will show you his effectiv and professional way to approach a photo shoot and how to convert this. You will learn from him the best way to handle your models and he will give you tips for your communication towards the team to achieve the desired results.

Afterwards the participants will be divided into the group of two. In this group constellation, participants will be able to work optimally together by alternating slip into the role of the active photographer or the the passive assistant.

Each group of two select a individuel topic, ideally meets the needs and desires of both participants and is adapted to both participants. The photographic work will be discussed and planned with Szymon and the expert team of stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists. This includes the choice of the light source and light settings, the perfect location (e.g. old factory building, historical rooms or modern architecture) and, if necessary, the choice of different, existing clothes and accessories which are made available through our partner fashion atelier. The choice of the models will be drawn.

Day 2:
At the second day it is finally time!
You will implement what you have learned by translating your own concept into action The models will be prepared, the light optimally set - so you have a lot of time to photograph. The entire expert team of Szymon will support you throughout the whole day.
Subsequently, the photos will be viewed and discussed together with Szymon and the expert team, a selection of the best photos will be made.
At the end of the workshop you will have "the perfect photo" in your hands for your personal needs.


PreviewDay 1
10:00 am: arrival, welcome and short introduction of the participants , review of the workshop timeline
10:30 am: introduction to the professional world of black and white photography
11:30 am: presentation shooting and image editing with Szymon Brodziak
03:00 pm: afternoon snack and networking
03:30 pm: styling meeting, draw of the models and division of the groups
04:30 pm: sample foto shoot
06:00 pm: end of day 1

Day 2:
09:50 am: arrival of the participants
10:00 am: discussion of the sample photo shoot results, preparation of the models for the photo-shooting by the team of experts
11:30 am: photo shoot
03:00 pm: afternoon snack and networking
05:00 pm: feedback round, questions and answers
06:00 pm: end of the workshop

Saturday and Sunday, on July 4th-5th 2015 from 10 am until 6 pm

Target group:
Anyone who has fun with photography and has a good understanding of the essential functions of cameras. Become even more efficient and accurate improving your knowledge in photography by using the right techniques and there specific use.

Fee for both days: 799 Euro per person excl. 19% VAT including the use of expert light source and extraordinary costumes from our Fashion partner atelier. Drinks and snacks are included.

Maximum number of participants: 10-12

Advanced knowledge using digital -/ SLR cameras and technical photographic equipment.

Pariser Platz in 10117 Berlin

Info& Anmeldung: www.my-foto-workshop.com
04.07.2015, 10:00 Uhr
Dauer: 2 Tage
Pariser Platz
10117 Berlin